Fall Leaves Felt Garland

Collecting fall leaves and creating nature garlands sounds magical and I would be all in, if I lived in a place where the leaves turned color in the fall. Woe … Continue Reading →


Low Fat, Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

This vanilla cupcake is fluffy, sweet, and so much lighter than traditional vegan cupcake recipes. Pair this with my No-Melt Fluffy Vegan Frosting and you are ready for any celebration! … Continue Reading →


Nature Bow, Arrow & Quiver

While at a tinkergarten class, my youngest found a wonderful arched stick. He wished to bring it home so he could have a “boo and arrow.” We found a large … Continue Reading →


No-melt, Fluffy Vegan Frosting

Melted, runny frosting is no fun, and can make even a sugary birthday treat look unappealing. I haven’t come across a vegan frosting recipe that holds up long enough to … Continue Reading →

fishing cat

The Fishing Cat

At a local koi pond, the resident cat was trying to tell us something…  


Felty Campfire and Marshmallows

My kiddos love having a fire, and that occasional treat: roasting marshmallows. Everything about a campfire appeals to them: the outdoors, the mystery of the fire, experimenting to see what … Continue Reading →


Felty Fishing Game

Inside each fish is a medium sized washer and a little bit of polyfil, so they are not totally flat fish. (Check to make sure your washers are magnetic, some are not). The fish’s eyes are beads, a request from my youngest. He tells me I sew “sad” eyes when I just use thread, so the beads make the fish eyes more bug-eyed and realistic I suppose. Continue Reading →

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My Musical Past, Recordings

I will share with you something about me that I often have kept hidden, especially in secular circles. However, it is a large part of who I am and the … Continue Reading →

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Modifying our Genes with CRISPR

This is our future. And this video explains how CRISPR will change our world. Do you want to understand it?


Tropical Felted Fruit & Pattern

There was a stretch of time when the rain would not let up. Too much time had passed since we had been to the beach. The kids surprised me with … Continue Reading →