Anti-aging treatment coming soon

This is really happening. Telomere therapy is the holy grail of aging gracefully, and it seems someone has cracked the code. Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of Bioviva USA Inc. has become … Continue Reading →


Homemade Coconut Yogurt or Sour Creme

Our favorite way to use the plain coconut yogurt (sour creme) is mixed with mashed potatoes. It’s flavor is so similar to dairy sour creme that we have fooled many a dinner guest with our creamy vegan mashed potatoes. It is one of our kid’s (and our) favorite dinner foods. Continue Reading →

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My Book is Now Available on Amazon and B&N

In a small gesture, this book is a strong, yet quiet way of tearing down walls of ego that religion uses to isolate and define itself as a section of humanity. We are all on this rock together, and the stories of our past that were once useful and beautiful in their own right, can remain a part of history and the fabric of the human story. As we welcome a higher human consciousness, we respectfully place past religions on the shelf of mythology. The myths will not be forgotten, but told in the context of the human ego, seeking to define itself in the world. Continue Reading →

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“The Homeschooling Handbook” by Lippincott

. Lippincott’s book is an excellent resource for families who are not sure if they want to home educate and/or if they are unsure about what home education might look like for them. Continue Reading →

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I Love You Rituals

On my journey of conscious parenting, many books have crossed my path that offer morsels of wisdom that though small, enact powerful changes that ripple throughout the relationships with my … Continue Reading →


Springtime “Eggs in the Nest” Craft for Kids

“Eggs in the Nest” is a wonderful craft during Springtime and around Easter. I asked the kids to gather twigs and leaves to make their nests. This itself was a … Continue Reading →


Felt Pocket Easter Eggs

Instead of buying plastic eggs this year, I made these lovely felted easter eggs with a pocket. I don’t like to give my kids too much candy on holidays, so … Continue Reading →


Altoid Mint Tin: Dinosaur Land

  It was so fun to create these mini dinosaur lands using Altoid Tins. Using felt and embroidery yarn, it is very simple to create a wonderful dinosaur land. The … Continue Reading →


Hawai’i National Volcano Park

We visited Volcano ParkĀ a few times now to walk through a lava tube and enjoy all the park has to offer. It is just 30 minutes from us, a steady … Continue Reading →


Child’s Dishcloth Apron

  For painting, crafting, baking, messing… these incredibly simple aprons are durable and ridiculously simple to make. They wash well and are a great way to re-purpose old dish or … Continue Reading →