Solar System Model

I felt inspired to create a Solar System visual for my kids to begin learning the order of the planets early in life. This Solar System model was created for just a few bucks.

Reggio Inspired Art Work

I’ve been bit by the Reggio bug, and we have been doing lots of “Invitation to play” activities in the home for my oldest (more to come on that).  My youngest celebrated a one year birthday recently and I decided it was about time I finished decorating his bedroom to make it his own: a …

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Language Learning Resources

Children who learn a language before they are 5 years old store the information about that “2nd language” in the same brain area as their “primary” language information.  After this age, 2nd languages are stored in a separate part of the brain from one’s primary language. I have always wanted to be bilingual (or wished …

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Kinetic Sand Review

Kinetic Sand feels a bit like brown sugar without the stickiness. It never dries out. Best of all, it is so theraputic to squish and manipulate with the hand. When my 3 year old is bouncing off the walls, setting him down with the tub of kinetic sand immediately focuses him and calms him.

Sexual Omnivores

Mr. Ryan explores the possibility that not only are we dietary omnivores, but naturally sexual omnivores as well.

“Sweedish” Fishbowl Valentine: Free Printout

Yes, I know the correct spelling is Swedish, but how cute is a “sweet-ish” fishbowl Valentine?  Hence, Sweedish Fishbowl: My husband and I rarely celebrate Valentines day.  We don’t give each other candy, flowers or any of the cliche gifts.  Being people who like to avoid crowds, we certainly don’t go out for dinner or …

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BOOK REVIEW: “The Happiest Toddler on the Block” – H. Karp

Dr. Harvey Karp saved me from sleep deprivation when I had my first baby.  I watched his video “The Happiest Baby on the Block” and incorporated the 5 methods to soothe a baby in the “4th Trimester”.  Going through toddlerhood with my first child, I turned to Dr. Karp again to read his book “The …

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Dragon / Alligator Cupcake Birthday Cake and Theme

For my son’s birthday I wanted to keep it simpler than years past.  I usually invite too many people and plan too many things and I end up not enjoying the party day.  This year was much different.  We invited over 2 families each with 2 kids.  It was just the right amount of party …

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Cucumber Guacamole Recipe

I think I’ve made this every week for the past 6 weeks.  I LOVE this new creation.  It is by far the best guacamole recipe I’ve ever created.  There is something about the cucumber and the avocado that are so perfect together, no matter how mild or spicy you choose to make this one, it …

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Lead on your Holiday Lights – what?!?

As if there aren’t enough toxins to try to avoid bringing into our homes, now there is a lead coating sprayed onto holiday light strands.  Lead is applied to the PVC wire covering to prevent it from cracking.  It also acts as a flame retardant. In a 2008 study published in the Journal of Environmental Health, researchers from Cornell …

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