Throwing a Valentines Party (Birthday)

To celebrate the birthdays of my two sweet boys, we threw a Valentines Day Birthday Bash, as it ended up being the day equally between their actual birthdays. I decorated … Continue Reading →


Cauliflower Croquettes – Vegan

You guys, this is the yummiest little vegan dinner bite! I am always looking for creative ways to present dinner veggies for my kids.  This one is so appealing that … Continue Reading →

vegan dog

Vegan Dog?

The pet food industry is highly unregulated, making the sources of animal protein questionable. It isn’t an industry that I care to support as a vegan. We began researching what dogs actually eat and it turns out that most of the calories in major dog food brands come from plant sources (albeit not the greatest quality or sources, but plant based regardless). A small percentage… Continue Reading →


Why Eating Fish is Irresponsible

This documentary about the world’s oceans details exactly why it is irresponsible for people to be eating fish.  Our oceans are on the verge of becoming void of fish populations … Continue Reading →

waking up a guide to spritiuality without religion

10 Myths about Atheism

So if you think that atheists consider life meaningless or that we think everything arose by chance, head over to Sam’s article and find out what we really think. Continue Reading →


My Favorite Yoga Youtube Videos

I am lucky enough to get to yoga twice a week.  Sometimes I feel I want more, and sometimes I miss.  For those days, youtube comes to the rescue and … Continue Reading →


My Favorite Youtube Workout Videos

Not every day is a gym day.  And not every gym day is a day when I actually make it to the gym. For those days, youtube comes to the … Continue Reading →


Cheezy Quinoa Dinner Biscuits

These little vegan, low fat biscuits are a balanced meal! They contain veggies, grains, and beans.  We pair them with soups or on-the-go lunches for the kids.  They are great … Continue Reading →


Epic Valentines

I recently found this vlogger and her videos are yummy. Adina’s vlog is titled Sacred Sexuality. The one I’ll share with you is about relationships.  For the more sensual videos, … Continue Reading →


Preschool Last Minute Valentine: Pieces!

The day before my son’s preschool celebrated valentines, I was scrambling to put something together. I wanted something a four year old could help create.  So many Valentines DIY ideas … Continue Reading →