Cinder Block Garden

These little cinder block garden ideas are all over pinterest. While cleaning up the backyard for an epic Winter Solstice party we will be hosting, a number of cinder blocks … Continue Reading →


13 year old’s TED talk about Hack-School

We have been considering unschooling our kids when their school days come.  Unschooling is world’s different from Homeschooling.  This 13 year old describes how he does “Hack-Schooling”, which is a … Continue Reading →

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Fat for life? Simple cure for Diabetes

Diabetes can be cured, simply by changing the diet.  This may seem obvious, but to someone who has eaten unhealthy their whole life and is on handfuls of medications for … Continue Reading →


Dinosaur Costume

My oldest is totally in love with dinosaurs. The baby follows along and has fun playing dinosaur too. This year for halloween they are both going to be dinosaurs! I … Continue Reading →


Owl Seedballs for the Birds

This cute little guy was pretty easy to make and my 3 year old was able to help.  We enjoy watching the birds in the neighborhood at our feeders.  This … Continue Reading →


Kiddie Pool to Sand Box

It’s the end of the summer in the southwest and not quite hot enough outside to be swimming.  The kiddie pool we purchased at the beginning of the summer to … Continue Reading →


Vietnamese Curry with Potatoes, 80-10-10 Raw Vegan

When we go out to eat as Raw til 4 Vegans, we gravitate towards vietnamese places.  Almost everything on the menu fits with our lifestyle dietary needs.  There is one … Continue Reading →



I have been recently contemplating mindfulness.  My journey into conscious parenting has been teaching me that no matter what happens, “it is what it is”. I am more present with … Continue Reading →


Reggio-inspired Bird Tree

We had so many dead branches to cut from the underside of our mesquite tree this fall.  The branches were perfectly dry, like something you might buy at a craft … Continue Reading →


Potted Chair and Pallet Walkpath

I found this one-off wooden chair at the goodwill store for $7. The pot is made of plastic and has a good sized lip on it. I chose plastic so the weight of the pot with all the dirt in it wouldn’t break the chair. My husband cut a hole in the seat. Easy peasy. Continue Reading →