Review of Chocolate Tree, Sedona

We visited Sedona over the weekend and found a wonderful vegan, kid friendly restaurant called Chocolate Tree! Come watch the video to take a tour. Continue Reading →

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Discovering Sourdough Bread – Vegan and Fat free!

I’ve been a gluten free eater for about 6 years, with much recent doubt that I actually need to eat gluten free. That is another story. The rest of my … Continue Reading →


Leek and Potato Soup

When I was a kid, I remember going to my grandmothers house for her bi-annual bonfire. It was a potluck and everyone brought something, but the centerpiece to the options was her huge pot of home made veggie stew that simmered on the stove. There were hand sized crock bowls and spoons next to the ladle.. Continue Reading →


Non-Violent Communication

About three years ago my relationship with one of my siblings went south. The cause: communication methods that were not working for either of us. We ended up not speaking … Continue Reading →


Fat-free Stir Fry Sauce

This is the perfect stir fry sauce for vegans and people who are eating healthy to avoid processed fats. It is full of flavor and even becomes slightly gooey when … Continue Reading →


Gains and Losses when Becoming an Atheist

… I want to give back to the community, make a difference, help those in need. All these sound cliché, but I feel I am speaking these words from a place of genuine compassion and care, not from a place of past selfish reward-centered motivation. I have no gods to please or afterlives to get into. I simply have this life and the people I love: and my best reward is to spread love and compassion to better myself and those around me… Continue Reading →

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Support Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Documentary

Bill Nye, articulate presenter of science for kids and adults, is having a documentary made about himself. They need some kickstarter support to complete the project. There is just a … Continue Reading →


Follow me on Instagram!

I’ve joined Instagram and would love to share my world with you there! I’ll be posting secular events, vegan eats, science experiments with the kids and upcoming travels. Come along … Continue Reading →


Zucchini Lentil Burgers – Vegan, Low Fat

Wow, these are amazing! You got your veggies, you got your legumes and you leave behind the animal fat, animal protein and keep all those great flavors that you use to grill with! Continue Reading →

thor helmet

The “God Helmet”

By using a device called the “god helmet”, you too can experience a near death or spiritual experience. The discoveries of science have begun to unveil the neuro-biology behind these … Continue Reading →