Air Fresheners linked to Breast Cancer

Are you a neat freak? Always cleaning with windex, pledge, air fresheners and 409? The same chemicals that may be killing all those germs in your home may also be causing breast cancer in women.

Women who report greater use of cleaning products may be at higher breast cancer risk than those who say they use them sparingly. Researchers writing in BioMed Central’s open access journal Environmental Health asked more than 1500 women about their cleaning product usage and found that women who reported using more air fresheners and products for mold and mildew control had a higher incidence of breast cancer. – Continue reading…

Because the FDA does not require cleaning products to list their toxic ingredients, our family decided to rid our home of all cleaners, soaps and personal products. We make our own soap and use a vinegar/water mix to clean surfaces. When we buy personal products, we research them and their ingredients and only buy products without human carcinogens or parabens. Continue Reading →

Parabens in Pap Smears May Cause Cell Mutation and Irritation

Femglide is touted as “sperm friendly” and one of the least harmful personal lubricant available. Methlyparaben in Femglide is a know mutagen, causing cells it contacts to mutate. Why that is considered “sperm friendly” evades me. Methylparaben, which is currently banned in the EU is also a skin irritant and is known to cause allergic reaction in humans. That would explain why I felt like crap after the doctor used a half cup on her hand. Continue Reading →