March 2011: Videos of Oil Still in the Gulf

Our famliy has boycott all seafood, not only because of overfishing but because of contamination. Here is another reason (if you need one) to be extremely suspicious of seafood: Continue Reading →

Seriously? Two More Oil Leaks.

This morning a Tugboat collided with an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana. The crash caused the rig to catch fire and spew oil to leak, covering a 1 mile radius in only a half day. The tugboat driver claimed that the rig was not fully illuminated, even though it was 11am in the middle of the day.

In Michigan today, Detroit News reported that and oil pipeline had burst and was flowing into tributary rivers that feed into the great lakes. The oil leaked undetected for hours before local river residents complained of an oil smell. Local residents have been evacuated as the oil contamination reached dangerous levels. It has been estimated that 1 million gallons have been spilled, the largest oil spill in the midwest according to the EPA. Continue Reading →

Things made with OIL – how dependent are you?

Thinking about putting in some new carpeting? How about some balloons for the next office party, or candles for a romantic evening with your partner? Has your child ever eaten a crayon? All these things are more are made with, you betcha: OIL. Toothpaste, Vitamin Capsules, Hair Coloring and Hand Lotion are the most disgusting ones on this list… Continue Reading →

do nothing method to healthy skin nothing works

Nothing works! The Do-Nothing method to natural, healthy skin

For your daily face regimen, simply do nothing. No makeup, no scrubs, no washes, nothing. Let your skin regulate itself by producing natural oils that protect the skin and keep it moisturized. Washing your face strips your skin of it’s natural defenses, leaving it dry and vulnerable, often leading to…. read more… Continue Reading →