Hundreds of Toxic Chemicals Found in Babies umbilical chords

EWG performed a study on chemicals found in newborn’s umbilical chords. Among the compounds found in the tissues samples were BPA, Teflon, flame retardant found in couches and bedding, the total number of toxic chemicals was 232. Many of the chemicals found in the babies umbilical chords were components of make up and personal products that women continue to use throughout pregnancy. Continue Reading →

Prenatal cosmetic use may determine if a child has behavior issues

When a women is pregnant, the makeup she wears, the deoderant she uses and the lotions she uses may effect her baby’s behavior later down the road. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that high levels of phthalates found in a women’s blood during pregnancy directly correlate with behavioral issues in their child at ages 4-9 years. Continue Reading →

do nothing method to healthy skin nothing works

Nothing works! The Do-Nothing method to natural, healthy skin

For your daily face regimen, simply do nothing. No makeup, no scrubs, no washes, nothing. Let your skin regulate itself by producing natural oils that protect the skin and keep it moisturized. Washing your face strips your skin of it’s natural defenses, leaving it dry and vulnerable, often leading to…. read more… Continue Reading →