Natural Oils for Home Pest Control

I have been using essential oils for home pest control for about a year. It is the greenest, cheapest, most effective way to keep those house and plant bugs away. … Continue Reading →

How to get rid of Outdoor Ants Without Pesticides

We have a chicken coop and run outside.  That means that fresh water and food is readily available to an opportunistic colony of ants.  I wouldn’t have minded so much … Continue Reading →

Green Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

…~ … ~… Clean the house with all natural cleaning products!  She’ll love the gesture and as an added bonus, nobody will have to smell any nasty chemicals.  If she … Continue Reading →

Why Baby Formula is Bad

Why Not Formula? It is a fact that infant formula has saved lives, but that doesn’t make it ideal or better then breast milk. Think of formula as the air bag in your … Continue Reading →

5 Steps to a Non-Toxic Lifestyle

Being pregnant (twice now) has caused me to reflect on how I’ve limited my daily exposure to chemicals and toxins to protect my growing baby.  Before becoming pregnant, I had … Continue Reading →