Natural Oils for Home Pest Control

I have been using essential oils for home pest control for about a year. It is the greenest, cheapest, most effective way to keep those house and plant bugs away. … Continue Reading →

How to get rid of Outdoor Ants Without Pesticides

We have a chicken coop and run outside.  That means that fresh water and food is readily available to an opportunistic colony of ants.  I wouldn’t have minded so much … Continue Reading →

Green Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

…~ … ~… Clean the house with all natural cleaning products!  She’ll love the gesture and as an added bonus, nobody will have to smell any nasty chemicals.  If she … Continue Reading →

Mrs. Meyer’s Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

I want to share with you a great product I have been using for over a year.  When our household transitioned to a toxin free, chemical free zone, an obvious … Continue Reading →

Why Baby Formula is Bad

Why Not Formula? It is a fact that infant formula has saved lives, but that doesn’t make it ideal or better then breast milk. Think of formula as the air bag in your … Continue Reading →

5 Steps to a Non-Toxic Lifestyle

Being pregnant (twice now) has caused me to reflect on how I’ve limited my daily exposure to chemicals and toxins to protect my growing baby.  Before becoming pregnant, I had … Continue Reading →

Chalk: The Eco Stain Remover

Today I saw another commercial promising to magically remove stains from your laundry. All you had to do was buy another product just for stains, throw it in with your laundry and laundry detergent and presto bamo! no more stains. Some women I know adore this idea of a quick fix, but those same people are often the last ones to ask what chemicals are in the product that are strong enough to do that. Continue Reading →

Human powered taxis in Arizona

EcoCab is a new company that is leading the way in human powered taxis through Scottsdale, AZ. The “cab” is shaped like open air horse drawn buggy. Except the horse isn’t a horse, it is a human on wheels. Continue Reading →