Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle: Product Review

Comotomo Bottle Review My 1 month old, exclusively breastfed baby took the Comotomo Baby Bottle without skipping a beat on his first try.  I am only gone from baby twice a … Continue Reading →

Birdy Baby Mobile: DIY

In anticipation of our little baby due very soon, I made a sweet birdy mobile.  The entire mobile is made of upcycled materials.  I used fabric scraps from past projects … Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: “A Guide to Childbirth” – Ina May Gaskin

Preparing for my second child to be born as a VBAC, I have been on a journey that has convinced me of the importance to empower myself with the knowledge … Continue Reading →

Baby Sleeping Sack: A Tutorial

At the start of this winter my little boy was waking up during the night cold, even though he had warm footie pajamas on.  Sewing mommy to the rescue!  Those … Continue Reading →

Mothers Stop Breastfeeding Too Soon in Baby’s Life

From  More mothers are breastfeeding their newborns, but for too short a duration to gain the maximum benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and infants. New observations and a … Continue Reading →

Babies Know Who is Trustworthy, Studies Show

From Science Daily: “Babies love to imitate. Ask any parent and they’ll report how infants mimic sounds, facial expressions and actions they observe. Now new research from Concordia University, published … Continue Reading →

Babies show signs of Altruism

ScienceDaily (Oct. 10, 2011) — A new study presents the first evidence that a basic sense of fairness and altruism appears in infancy. Babies as young as 15 months perceived the … Continue Reading →

Roll-up Puppet Theatre Gift Idea

What is more fun when you are a toddler than watching a puppet show or putting one on yourself?  Nothing, except maybe getting dirty in the sandbox or having someone … Continue Reading →

Highchair Cushion Cover

We recently bought a brand new, lovely wooden highchair from Keekaroo for our little man.  It is a wonderful highchair that grows with baby, as the seat and foot rest … Continue Reading →

Hood-Scarf for Little Girls: A Tutorial

I was contemplating making one of these for myself this winter.  But as I live in a warm region, the need isn’t dire until about December.  So instead, I decided … Continue Reading →