Objectively Presenting Bible Stories to Kids

I had a lovely conversation with Hemant and Jessica on the Friendly Atheist Podcast about my book, Christian Mythology for Kids: A Secular Family’s Guide to Modern Christianity. Thank you both for … Continue Reading →

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Vegan Blood Test Results

Vegan for 3 years, very healthy and the blood test results to show for it!

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Free AudioBook: “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris

Apparently, one of Sam Harris’s early books, The End of Faith, was not read by the author. The audiobook voice actor did an appalling job of reading the book, as Sam explains in the first audio reading of his book. To rectify this, and to add more discussion to a book that is highly controversial, he has recorded the book himself with additional comments. It is free to listen to on youtube as part of his Waking Up podcast series. Continue Reading →


The Woman Behind the Pope

After the death of Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church did its best to write Teresa out of his history. The BBC reveals the letters passed between them and … Continue Reading →


Does your Library have Bibles and Religious Materials?

Did you know that if your library doesn’t carry a book you think should be in their collection, they often listen to your suggestions? Libraries are funded by public money, … Continue Reading →


Reflecting on My Experience as a Homeschooler

A family that unschools will aim to be their child’s guide and learning partner: providing the child with the resources to explore their interests and open doors to information that lies hidden along the path of their interest. The most difficult part of unschooling for many parents is letting go of being in control of both the progression and content of our child’s learning journey. Continue Reading →


Anti-aging treatment coming soon

This is really happening. Telomere therapy is the holy grail of aging gracefully, and it seems someone has cracked the code. Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of Bioviva USA Inc. has become … Continue Reading →


Homemade Coconut Yogurt or Sour Creme

Our favorite way to use the plain coconut yogurt (sour creme) is mixed with mashed potatoes. It’s flavor is so similar to dairy sour creme that we have fooled many a dinner guest with our creamy vegan mashed potatoes. It is one of our kid’s (and our) favorite dinner foods. Continue Reading →

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My Book is Now Available on Amazon and B&N

In a small gesture, this book is a strong, yet quiet way of tearing down walls of ego that religion uses to isolate and define itself as a section of humanity. We are all on this rock together, and the stories of our past that were once useful and beautiful in their own right, can remain a part of history and the fabric of the human story. As we welcome a higher human consciousness, we respectfully place past religions on the shelf of mythology. The myths will not be forgotten, but told in the context of the human ego, seeking to define itself in the world. Continue Reading →

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“The Homeschooling Handbook” by Lippincott

. Lippincott’s book is an excellent resource for families who are not sure if they want to home educate and/or if they are unsure about what home education might look like for them. Continue Reading →