Poppyseed Bread, Gluten and Diary Free

The last time I made poppyseed bread I must have been a little girl baking with my mom, it’s been so long.  Since then, I have had to learn to eat and cook without wheat or dairy.  This can be a challenge for baked goods, but not impossible!  This fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pant recipe turned out so perfectly …

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Flourless Muffins… with help from my toddler

I’m starting a ramped-up health kick to shed the rest of my pregnancy weight.  Gym membership, check.  Low carbs for breakfast, check.  Sweet tooth?  Gotta keep it in check.  Eliminating all sugar is super difficult.  I just need to have a small something here and there, even if it is one square of dark chocolate …

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Dr. Sears Alt Vaccine Schedule Free Parent Worksheet

This has been my #1 book of the year, hands down.  Dr. Sears’ The Vaccine Book came to the rescue when I had too many questions about what is in vaccines, what are the risks and even more.  This book actually raised and answered important questions I didn’t even know I had. Dr. Sears goes through …

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Sweet Loraine

What a beautiful reminder that the moments of each day only come once and then again only in memory.  This song has sold over a million downloads on iTunes… incredible.

Masking Tape Roads – Indoor Activity

Summers in the south are like winters in the north.  All the kids play indoors, we run from our cars to our houses and our houses our cars.  We also run out of indoor activities for the kids just as quickly and scramble for great active play ideas, avoiding the TV for as long as …

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Really?! An iPad Potty Chair

While searching for a potty step stool on amazon I happened across this buy, which I was almost certain was a prank.  A child’s potty seat with a built in iPad holder.  It is so perfectly ridiculous, like something you might get as a white elephant gift or see on SNL as a product skit. …

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Gathered Fairy Wings

Making fairy wings has been on my sewing wishlist for awhile.  About a year ago I made these dress up wings out of cloth scraps.  It was gorgeous, fun and loved by the little girl who received them, but also a bit heavy with all the fabric.  Don’t get me wrong, I would totally make …

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Construction, Boats, Planes and Trains Video for Kids

Instead of watching his typical kid shows while I put the baby to bed, my oldest has been interested in watching youtube videos about motorized vehicles and BBC documentaries about animals and dinosaurs.  I decided I needed to make some playlists for him of shows that I know are good, will hold his interest and …

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Starry Night Cardboard Box

How do you creatively engage your kids when the day is too hot (or too cold) to play outside?  We found a way to recreate star gazing! To make the lights poke through, use a ball point pen and punch some initial holes, then push holiday lights through. Happy star gazing!

BOOK REVIEW: Paleofantesy by Marlene Zuk

I have recently been exploring ways of eating that have been scientifically linked to longevity and in turn, researching what foods raise the risk of cancer.  Longevity has so far been proven attainable by fasting diets like the 5:2 diet or some version of that.  This is a diet that I will be following once …

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