Altoid Mint Tin: Dinosaur Land

  It was so fun to create these mini dinosaur lands using Altoid Tins. Using felt and embroidery yarn, it is very simple to create a wonderful dinosaur land. The … Continue Reading →


Hawai’i National Volcano Park

We visited Volcano ParkĀ a few times now to walk through a lava tube and enjoy all the park has to offer. It is just 30 minutes from us, a steady … Continue Reading →


Child’s Dishcloth Apron

  For painting, crafting, baking, messing… these incredibly simple aprons are durable and ridiculously simple to make. They wash well and are a great way to re-purpose old dish or … Continue Reading →

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Young at Art: Teaching Toddlers Self-Expression

Susan’s book helped me to understand the importance of scribbling and the stages of scribbling. She convinced me that using one color at a time (each color for a length of time) is best for a young child. Children are more focused on the process, not the product of art. Continue Reading →


Ask a Professional Artist: Charlotte Carney

In the spirit of creating awareness about the importance of art in our lives and our culture, and fostering a positive art experience for our children, it is helpful to learn about the paths of people who live their creativity and share their stories with our children. Continue Reading →

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Map Love

  I did not know I was a maphead until halfway through college. While double majoring in music performance, I took an elective course in “Human Geography.” The course brushed … Continue Reading →

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Brief Candle in the Dark, Richard Dawkins

Dawkins covered every detail behind his books, science studies, interests through his career, television appearances, lectures, and more. The book is not written in a linear fashion, rather, the author takes the liberty of jumping around as one story leads into another story. Continue Reading →


Music Introduction for Children age 3-6

When is my Child Ready to Learn Music? Perhaps being formally educated in music puts people like myself in a strange position when considering how and when to begin music … Continue Reading →


Dishonesty of Vitamins and Supplement Manufacturing

…And it actually sounds like a waste of money to buy vitamins, as well as a health risk. What is listed on the bottle is not guaranteed to be what you put in your mouth. And worst of all, the supplement industry wants to keep it that way. Continue Reading →


Felted Travel Road Mat

Felt is so amazing. I’ve been a little obsessed with sewing with felt. No need for hems, no stray threads. The felted travel road mat is wonderful for taking along … Continue Reading →