Pirate Treasure Hunt: Everyday Fun

We have been incredibly lucky in Arizona with extended cool weather this spring.  The boys have been playing outside nearly all day long and we have all enjoyed the backyard, … Continue Reading →


Simple Piñata for Cinco de Mayo

Having never bought a Piñata before, I took a look at the store to buy one for our Cinco de Mayo party. Yieieiei! For something that is beaten to a pulp, they … Continue Reading →

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Insane Muscle Gains on Plant Food Diet

I celebrate 1 year eating a Plant Foods Diet! And our experience with insane muscle gain at the gym while eating a high plant foods diet.


Lasagna: vegan and low fat

This lasagna is incredibly yummy and packs all the flavors of momma’s home cooking without the meat, cow breastmilk (cheese) or fatty oils.  It is loaded with veggies, greens and … Continue Reading →


Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Vegans

It would be more appropriate to ask a meat eater where they get their B12 because apparently all the B12 gets destroyed when meat is cooked. And there are components in meat, and especially in dairy, that inhibit the absorption of B12 by the body. Vegans who have been eating a plant based diet for decades without supplementing take blood tests and do not have a B12 deficiency. How can this be? Continue Reading →

waking up a guide to spritiuality without religion

“Waking Up: A guide to Spirituality without Religion” by Sam Harris

Meditation is a tool to interrupt the constant flow of meaningless thoughts. He describes how to become present and simply acknowledge emotion without giving in to the narrative of the mind. Continue Reading →

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California Water Restrictions and your Burger

It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce on pound of beef. This is due to the corn and feed that must be grown to grow a cow through it’s lifetime. So next time you eat a hamburger, remember that it is equivalent to taking 25 showers (625 gallons of water). Most people eating a standard American diet eat twice this amount of meat every day. The water wastage and amount of crop area needed to grow this kind of animal feed is mind boggling. Continue Reading →

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Our Chemical Lives

ABCTVCatalyst is an Australian documentary film company that graciously posts their full episodes to youtube.  I aways enjoy their productions and felt the need to share this one in particular. … Continue Reading →


What my Vegan Baby Eats

My kids know how to smash in the healthy vegan food!  Let me show you a typical day for them.  My husband and I eat Raw-till-4.  Our kids usually drink … Continue Reading →

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Parenting without Borders by Christine Gross-Loh

This study found that when asked whether they should not fight/hit/talk bad about others, 90% of Japanese children said they shouldn’t do these things because it would hurt others. In contrast, 92% of American children said they shouldn’t do these things because it they don’t want to get caught by a teacher/parent. It seems clear that American children are externally motivated, as they have been taught to do by faith based religions and the horrible school system in practice in the US. Continue Reading →