Banana Island – Day 5 – Cravings!

How I make banana shakes and sorbet. Cravings for cooked food!   If fructose is bad, what about fruit? This is a great video by about the difference between … Continue Reading →


Banana Island – Day 4 – No more Chronic Knee Pain!

All the amazing things that happened to me when I switched to RT4 : When to eat bananas (and why you shouldn’t eat them unripe). Banana sorbet for dinner.


Banana Island – Day 3

The bananas are ripe! & Why I decided to eat RT4.


Banana Island – Day 2

Running low on ripe bananas!  Strawberries and romaine to the rescue on banana island. Some craving creeping in and a tour of the winter garden.  Vegan kids eating greens from … Continue Reading →


Banana Island – Day 1

Day 1 of Banana Island Week: Going to the produce terminal for a few cases of bananas, what is banana island? and a nutritional breakdown (vitamins and minerals) for banana … Continue Reading →


Banana Island Week!

I am going to Banana Island this week!  “Banana Island” is what Plant-Eating Vegans describe as a period of time when you eat only mono meals of one (sometimes two) … Continue Reading →


Best Reasons to Eat Vegan, Plant-Based Diet

I have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best articles and videos with compelling reasons to eat healthier; to eat a plant-based diet. Having shared these resources with family … Continue Reading →


Captivating Fibonacci Sculptures Spinning

If there was anything I have ever wanted to 3D print, this is the one. Read more on SFG


Yurt: Our next home

We have been dreaming outside the box on our next house.  And a yurt probably sounds crazy to you, as it did to me at first.  My husband is a … Continue Reading →


Flower Block: Open Ended Play

This past December I saw a post on The Artful Parent about a toy that encourage open ended play. It was simply a wooden block with holes drilled into it … Continue Reading →