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The REAL Cause of Myopia

Why do so many of us need glasses? More and more kids need glasses for long distance vision everyday. Is there a major genetic flaw influencing our vision at a … Continue Reading →

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Drone spies on Factory Farming Operations

If you eat bacon, you should know that this is the kind of filth you are supporting with your almighty dollar. “It’s easy for a big pig farm to have as much waste as a medium sized city.” So the cesspool of pig feces and urine is sprayed into the air with a giant sprinkler to get rid of the toxic water. Continue Reading →


TODAY! Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide!

Go humanity! This is an historic day. The collective consciousness and humanity of the USA evolved just a little bit more today. This is great news! From the Washington Post: … Continue Reading →


Stop trying to change your body

Ali at the Perception Trainers channel has her finger on something profound. I enjoy all her videos, but felt that this one really spoke to me. I wanted to share … Continue Reading →

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Best Children’s Books for Vegan Families

We have been on a book kick lately. And with the summer heat in the southwest driving us all indoors, I decided we needed some new material to snuggle up … Continue Reading →

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Best Children’s Books for Secular Families

I put together a list of some of the best secular books for families and children. In all honesty, it is some of the only secular written material for children that … Continue Reading →


Vegan is a Rational Choice (Beyonce Says So)

We are all vegans about most of the creatures in the world. Do you eat dog, horse, parrot, monkey, elephant? I take it a few animals further: pig, cow, chicken… Continue Reading →

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All I Ever Want

…really speaks to me at this point on my journey. Minimalism, simplicity, self reflection and the presence of a life partner who so perfectly compliments what I need and who I am… Continue Reading →


Last Chance to Fund Secular Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter Campaign for Christian Mythology for Kids ends this monday evening! We have reached our funding goal and are working towards the stretch goals, posted on the kickstarter page. … Continue Reading →

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Bible Contradictions, Visual Aid

This is an awesome resource for quick reference.  My days of debating bible thumpers is mostly in the past, but this would have been really useful! The interactive visual allows … Continue Reading →