Music Introduction for Children age 3-6

When is my Child Ready to Learn Music? Perhaps being formally educated in music puts people like myself in a strange position when considering how and when to begin music … Continue Reading →


Dishonesty of Vitamins and Supplement Manufacturing

…And it actually sounds like a waste of money to buy vitamins, as well as a health risk. What is listed on the bottle is not guaranteed to be what you put in your mouth. And worst of all, the supplement industry wants to keep it that way. Continue Reading →


Felted Travel Road Mat

Felt is so amazing. I’ve been a little obsessed with sewing with felt. No need for hems, no stray threads. The felted travel road mat is wonderful for taking along … Continue Reading →

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Natural Inquirer, Free Magazines for Kids

Natural Inquirer is a free magazine for kids of varying ages. Simply setup an account with mailing address and select what issues you want mailed to you. There are series … Continue Reading →


Altoid Mint Tin: Jumping Spider

  I enjoyed making Altoid tin Kitty so much I wanted to making another Altoid tin critter. My oldest child loves spiders and snakes and recently celebrated a birthday. As … Continue Reading →


My Child Won’t Paint: The Ritual of Art

Art, and the freedom of expression that this medium provides, is too profound to lose because a child needs help finding their voice in their art. In the same way that children need us to model pretend play, or help them put together a puzzle or read to them before they can read; we need to actively show them how to incorporate creative art in their play so they can see more possibilities in their own expression. Continue Reading →


Altoid Mint Tin: Kitty Cat

  I saw something like this on pinterest and just had to try making it. Since I’ve taken up needle felting, I made a needle felted kitty. Kitty has her … Continue Reading →


Embroidery Hoop Baby Mobile

  I’ve made these little fabric busting birds before for a different kind of baby mobile. For a friend’s new baby, I made a mobile with embroidery hoops this time. … Continue Reading →


Best Hawaii Children’s Books

Our kids have loved getting to know their new home by exploring the island, watching documentaries, and making new friends. Another way to learn about the culture and language of … Continue Reading →


Gift for the Sibling of a New Baby

  When our friends welcomed their second child earthside, we were so thrilled for them, and celebrated despite the physical distance. We all love to shower a new mom and … Continue Reading →