How to Make a Bully

“Bullying is one of the most misunderstood crises of our time. Bullies are created by a specific life-path we can reroute at any stage when we know the road signs … Continue Reading →


Non-organic Foods Contain Poison in Every Cell

It is very possible that any non organic food you eat has neonicotinoids, a systematic poison, in every cell of the plant.  Animals you eat who are fed with non organic … Continue Reading →


No-Crow Rooster Collar

Have you seen this rooster collar? I’m thinking it is an easily replicated, a little sewing project. We have a flock of ladies, but because of the city code, we haven’t been able to get a rooster. The code states that “crowing roosters” cannot be kept on lot sizes under a certain number of acres. BUT, you can have a non-crowing quiet rooster! Continue Reading →


Asian Barley Salad, 80-10-10

When you eat 80-10-10, Raw till 4pm, you need calories in your salad.  Rice and corn and beans can get boring sometimes. Now Barley, this grain is really something!  It … Continue Reading →


Potato Wedge Wraps, 80-10-10

This is the easiest dinner meal, seriously.  And it is so easy to make when I need to use up a potato that has been left over from some other … Continue Reading →


Dino Tail for Pretend Play

A while back, Running with Scissors had a great tutorial on making a Dino tail.  I saw it and immediately bookmarked it.  The day finally came when this project seemed … Continue Reading →


Yam and Bean “Burgers”, 80-10-10 Vegan

In our house we LOOOOVE eating Plant foods, low fat (80-10-10).  There are so many benefits to eating this way.  I feel 10 years younger, my knees don’t hurt anymore, … Continue Reading →

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Millennials: is this you?

Paul Taylor on BigThink describes the generation of Millennials, of which I am one.  Does this describe you?  I felt that about 80% of what he said about my generation … Continue Reading →


Buckle Fabric Storage

For reasons I cannot understand, we seem to have an unwanted buckle collection in our house.  And I have been saving them up, hoping for some inspiration to hit and … Continue Reading →


My first Month eating 80-10-10, Raw Vegan

I recently started eating Raw Vegan, following the 80-10-10 nutritional plan.  This way of eating is described as consuming mostly all raw fruits and veggies.  The percentage of calories from … Continue Reading →