Potato Wedge Wraps, 80-10-10

This is the easiest dinner meal, seriously.  And it is so easy to make when I need to use up a potato that has been left over from some other … Continue Reading →


Dino Tail for Pretend Play

A while back, Running with Scissors had a great tutorial on making a Dino tail.  I saw it and immediately bookmarked it.  The day finally came when this project seemed … Continue Reading →


Yam and Bean “Burgers”, 80-10-10 Vegan

In our house we LOOOOVE eating Plant foods, low fat (80-10-10).  There are so many benefits to eating this way.  I feel 10 years younger, my knees don’t hurt anymore, … Continue Reading →

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 10.09.31 PM

Millennials: is this you?

Paul Taylor on BigThink describes the generation of Millennials, of which I am one.  Does this describe you?  I felt that about 80% of what he said about my generation … Continue Reading →


Buckle Fabric Storage

For reasons I cannot understand, we seem to have an unwanted buckle collection in our house.  And I have been saving them up, hoping for some inspiration to hit and … Continue Reading →


My first Month eating 80-10-10, Raw Vegan

I recently started eating Raw Vegan, following the 80-10-10 nutritional plan.  This way of eating is described as consuming mostly all raw fruits and veggies.  The percentage of calories from … Continue Reading →


Invitations to Play: 3 ideas

My challenge with a child who is three is channeling the creativity, energy and curiosity that overflows from his being.  It can be overwhelming to try to keep up with … Continue Reading →


DIY IKEA Train Table

It’s been so long since I posted! We seem to be filling our time with more play-dates, outings and outdoor play.  The crafting and creating has been there, but with … Continue Reading →


Solar System Model

I felt inspired to create a Solar System visual for my kids to begin learning the order of the planets early in life. This Solar System model was created for just a few bucks. Continue Reading →


Reggio Inspired Art Work

I’ve been bit by the Reggio bug, and we have been doing lots of “Invitation to play” activities in the home for my oldest (more to come on that).  My … Continue Reading →