Cancer Reversal through Diet?

I often talk about a whole foods, plant based diet and how it can prevent western illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Studies on real cancer patients are revealing … Continue Reading →


Blueberry Muffins: Vegan, Oil-free

Adding too much oil to baked goods can weigh them down, prevent a fluffy texture from forming, and ultimately add to the caloric density of the food through adding processed fats. Leaving the oil out of these muffins makes them light and fluffy, and super healthy too! Continue Reading →

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Christian Mythology on Your Wall

It has been 3 months since Christian Mythology for Kids published and we are excited to now offer posters, canvas, and prints. If you love the art by Christopher Zakrzewski … Continue Reading →

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Documentary about Atheism on Indiegogo

This documentary hits close to home for me. The misunderstanding people in the USA have for atheism is frustrating to say the least. Help fund this documentary to help explain … Continue Reading →

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Interviewed on AM950, MN Atheist Talk Radio

Brianne, radio host for Atheist Talk radio on AM950 in Minnesota, is a kickstarter backer for the Christian Mythology project. She invited me to discuss the book and some other … Continue Reading →


Why Are We Here?

Crash Course always puts out amazing stuff. This one was worth sharing.


What I Eat in a Day & Vegan Parenting isn’t easy VLOG

My food Diary for a day, what we do in Hawaii and let’s talk about how difficult it is to raise vegan kids in a meat eater’s culture. Seed Cycling … Continue Reading →

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Plant Strong

Rip Esselstyn gave a TEDx talk that introduces the Plant Strong diet. Because of his age and background as a firefighter, his message seems to be welcomed by a different demographic than some other voices in the vegan movement. He also wrote a book about the Plant Strong diet: “Engine 2 Diet”. Continue Reading →

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The Heathen Down Under

The video had over 14,000 views on it’s first day, and lucky for us the first mail he opened was the book! Oh My Zeus! And I just loved his reaction, and then his realization that this was a secular book about Christian fairy tales. The best. Thank you for sharing, Dave! Continue Reading →

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Hot Mama Interview & Vegan Weightloss

Before she left Hawaii, she did an impromptu interview with me about my book, Christian Mythology for Kids. Thank you Amy for being an inspiration! Continue Reading →