Interviewing a Grandparent

…If I can capture just a little bit of what a wonderful, caring person she is in my interview, I will have succeeded in bringing her into their adult lives…. Continue Reading →

Kinetic Sand Review

Kinetic Sand feels a bit like brown sugar without the stickiness. It never dries out. Best of all, it is so theraputic to squish and manipulate with the hand. When my 3 year old is bouncing off the walls, setting him down with the tub of kinetic sand immediately focuses him and calms him. Continue Reading →

Sexual Omnivores

Mr. Ryan explores the possibility that not only are we dietary omnivores, but naturally sexual omnivores as well. Continue Reading →

Winter Projects

The presents are wrapped and it is still a week until Solstice, I can’t believe it!  Although, they are not under the tree where a certain two little boys could … Continue Reading →

Sweet Loraine

What a beautiful reminder that the moments of each day only come once and then again only in memory.  This song has sold over a million downloads on iTunes… incredible.

Really?! An iPad Potty Chair

While searching for a potty step stool on amazon I happened across this buy, which I was almost certain was a prank.  A child’s potty seat with a built in … Continue Reading →

Baby “Mugging”

Have you heard about baby mugging?  It’s totally not what you think it is.  Rather cute, and definitely a meme on the internet right now.  I have a baby and a couple … Continue Reading →

The Future of Education in America

Visit Khan Academy and find out about this revolutionary new way of learning.

Baby Water Massage

The most relaxing video ever: this little newborn fell asleep she was so relaxed!  I must try this with my little one.

Your 12 Favorite Posts of 2012

Finding out what you have taken an interest in and what has attracted the most attention always facinates me. Raw and unedited, the follow 12 post were the most viewed for 2012. Cheers! Continue Reading →