My Personal Boogie Man

When I was a child, I became aware that older people in my family were under threat of death from seemingly unstoppable forces of heart disease, diabetes, and the worst: … Continue Reading →

My Musical Past, Recordings

I will share with you something about me that I often have kept hidden, especially in secular circles. However, it is a large part of who I am and the … Continue Reading →

Wow your family with your business CENTS this Thanksgiving

  This Thanksgiving, as you sit around tables heaped with food and enjoy riveting conversation with friends and relatives (I assume the best), perhaps you want to toss around some … Continue Reading →

Simple Spider Costume

This year our four year old asked to be a spider for Halloween. I didn’t feel up for sewing stuffed sock arms onto a shirt, so instead we found a … Continue Reading →

City Slate – Cheers to Your Hometown!

My dear friend Jeff is launching his kickstarter this week in support of a business venture. His company, City Slate, is expanding it’s reach and testing the waters with a … Continue Reading →

Follow me on Instagram!

I’ve joined Instagram and would love to share my world with you there! I’ll be posting secular events, vegan eats, science experiments with the kids and upcoming travels. Come along … Continue Reading →

All I Ever Want

…really speaks to me at this point on my journey. Minimalism, simplicity, self reflection and the presence of a life partner who so perfectly compliments what I need and who I am… Continue Reading →

Banana Island – Day 3

The bananas are ripe! & Why I decided to eat RT4.

Cinder Block Garden

These little cinder block garden ideas are all over pinterest. While cleaning up the backyard for an epic Winter Solstice party we will be hosting, a number of cinder blocks … Continue Reading →

Is Your Child Chronically Constipated?

Cow’s milk is the culprit for constipation in 3 out of 4 children. ¬†Elimination of dairy in children’s diets cures constipation in 24-48 hours for 100% of children. ¬†A double … Continue Reading →