Interviewing a Grandparent

…If I can capture just a little bit of what a wonderful, caring person she is in my interview, I will have succeeded in bringing her into their adult lives…. Continue Reading →

Language Learning Resources

Children who learn a language before they are 5 years old store the information about that “2nd language” in the same brain area as their “primary” language information.  After this … Continue Reading →

Things to do with Toddlers in Phoenix

Whether traveling through or visiting Phoenix, here is a great list of activities that you can do with your “6 and under” crew.  The activities are categorized by indoor or … Continue Reading →

How to Read Music

For people who do not read music, I imagine it must be befuddling to look at a piece of music and try to make heads or tails of what is … Continue Reading →

The Time You Have

I find as we get older, our conversations express more and more a desire to live our passions, make our dreams a reality.  Most often these dreams are not wild, … Continue Reading →

A Room Filled with Trampolines!

Until today, I thought this was only something I could do during rem sleep. It is now on the top of my list of bizarre activities! They have locations in California, Washington and Oregon: Sky High Sports Continue Reading →

Record “Nice” weather in Arizona

So the “nice” June weather here has allowed more afternoon activities and perfect evenings. What the weather man in AZ doesn’t know is that wherever I go, great weather follows 🙂 And in the wake of my departure from Minnesota, that state had one of the harshest winters in a long while. Just sayin… Continue Reading →

Backpacking-Camping along the Apache Trail, AZ.

In the past I have blogged about the Apache Trail but this weekend we packed up our camping gear and headed out on a Sunday afternoon for a one night … Continue Reading →

Tucson Fossil Hunt

This past weekend we drove to the Catalina Mountains just north of Tuscon in search of Trilobites in the soft grey limestone. We found the collecting site from Gem Trails … Continue Reading →