Yurt: Our next home

We have been dreaming outside the box on our next house.  And a yurt probably sounds crazy to you, as it did to me at first.  My husband is a … Continue Reading →

Potted Chair and Pallet Walkpath

I found this one-off wooden chair at the goodwill store for $7. The pot is made of plastic and has a good sized lip on it. I chose plastic so the weight of the pot with all the dirt in it wouldn’t break the chair. My husband cut a hole in the seat. Easy peasy. Continue Reading →

Illegal Drugs in Chickens

Incase you need another reason not to eat factory farmed meat or eggs:

Non-organic Foods Contain Poison in Every Cell

It is very possible that any non organic food you eat has neonicotinoids, a systematic poison, in every cell of the plant.  Animals you eat who are fed with non organic … Continue Reading →

No-Crow Rooster Collar

Have you seen this rooster collar? I’m thinking it is an easily replicated, a little sewing project. We have a flock of ladies, but because of the city code, we haven’t been able to get a rooster. The code states that “crowing roosters” cannot be kept on lot sizes under a certain number of acres. BUT, you can have a non-crowing quiet rooster! Continue Reading →

Buckle Fabric Storage

For reasons I cannot understand, we seem to have an unwanted buckle collection in our house.  And I have been saving them up, hoping for some inspiration to hit and … Continue Reading →

ADCR: Live Longer by Eating Less

** UPDATE ** My husband and I no longer eat this way.  After a while eating Intermittent Fasting (The Fast Diet) my husband started feeling lethargic and sluggish.  We do … Continue Reading →

Fall Decorating with Native Arrangments

Browsing the fall decor at my local craft store while on an errand to buy some fabric I felt incredibly depressed by the idea of buying expensive plastic plants to … Continue Reading →

Natural Oils for Home Pest Control

I have been using essential oils for home pest control for about a year. It is the greenest, cheapest, most effective way to keep those house and plant bugs away. … Continue Reading →

Why you should care about the honey bee’s plight

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve likely heard about the colony collapse disorder and plight of the honey bee occurring over the last decade.  Perhaps you don’t eat … Continue Reading →