Shipping Container Home for less than $50,000

How cool is this container home?! As we are hatching our plans for a tiny house that uses a 40 foot shipping container, I find an episode of Better Homes … Continue Reading →

Best Hydroponic System, Cheap & DIY

In this post, I will show you how to make a $600 Hydroponic system for less than $275. Take a video tour of our system setup! Continue Reading →

10 Reasons not to Donate Farm Animals to Needy Families

… Not only is the animal another mouth to feed in a place where plant food is already scarce for human consumption, the majority of people cannot consume dairy (lactose intolerance). Continue Reading →

Branches Christmas Tree

While clearing our land in Hawaii for planting and putting up a house, we cut down a few small guava trees. Guava wood is incredibly dense and beautiful. I used this to make my stick tree. Continue Reading →

Reusable Feminine Napkins?

  Oh yes, that is really a thing. It might sound odd at first, but when you consider that reusable cloth diapers are successfully washed and dried without a fuss, … Continue Reading →

Big Island Farmer’s Markets

We found a few farmer’s markets that we really like on the Big Island. First I’ll show you up close what kinds of food we find at the markets, then I’ll take you on a short tour of my favorite markets in our area. Continue Reading →

Drone spies on Factory Farming Operations

If you eat bacon, you should know that this is the kind of filth you are supporting with your almighty dollar. “It’s easy for a big pig farm to have as much waste as a medium sized city.” So the cesspool of pig feces and urine is sprayed into the air with a giant sprinkler to get rid of the toxic water. Continue Reading →

Vegan is a Rational Choice (Beyonce Says So)

We are all vegans about most of the creatures in the world. Do you eat dog, horse, parrot, monkey, elephant? I take it a few animals further: pig, cow, chicken… Continue Reading →

California Water Restrictions and your Burger

It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce on pound of beef. This is due to the corn and feed that must be grown to grow a cow through it’s lifetime. So next time you eat a hamburger, remember that it is equivalent to taking 25 showers (625 gallons of water). Most people eating a standard American diet eat twice this amount of meat every day. The water wastage and amount of crop area needed to grow this kind of animal feed is mind boggling. Continue Reading →

Why Eating Fish is Irresponsible

This documentary about the world’s oceans details exactly why it is irresponsible for people to be eating fish. ¬†Our oceans are on the verge of becoming void of fish populations … Continue Reading →