Little Village Advent Calendar

There is something charming and childlike about counting down the days till Christmas, or as we celebrate in our home, Winter Solstice. I grew up with many fond memories of the … Continue Reading →

Dinosaur Costume & Headpiece

My boys are interested in everything dinosaur, so it came as no surprise when they wanted to be dinosaurs for halloween. For my kids, the most distinguishing feature of the … Continue Reading →

Fall Leaves Felt Garland

Collecting fall leaves and creating nature garlands sounds magical and I would be all in, if I lived in a place where the leaves turned color in the fall. Woe … Continue Reading →

Nature Bow, Arrow & Quiver

While at a tinkergarten class, my youngest found a wonderful arched stick. He wished to bring it home so he could have a “boo and arrow.” We found a large … Continue Reading →

Felty Campfire and Marshmallows

My kiddos love having a fire, and that occasional treat: roasting marshmallows. Everything about a campfire appeals to them: the outdoors, the mystery of the fire, experimenting to see what … Continue Reading →

Felty Fishing Game

Inside each fish is a medium sized washer and a little bit of polyfil, so they are not totally flat fish. (Check to make sure your washers are magnetic, some are not). The fish’s eyes are beads, a request from my youngest. He tells me I sew “sad” eyes when I just use thread, so the beads make the fish eyes more bug-eyed and realistic I suppose. Continue Reading →

Tropical Felted Fruit & Pattern

There was a stretch of time when the rain would not let up. Too much time had passed since we had been to the beach. The kids surprised me with … Continue Reading →

Sewing Snakes, Kid friendly Craft

When my kids aren’t pretending to be animals, they are often playing with toy versions of their favorite animals. Dinosaurs and snakes are at the top of the list for … Continue Reading →

Felt Pocket Easter Eggs

Instead of buying plastic eggs this year, I made these lovely felted easter eggs with a pocket. I don’t like to give my kids too much candy on holidays, so … Continue Reading →

Altoid Mint Tin: Dinosaur Land

  It was so fun to create these mini dinosaur lands using Altoid Tins. Using felt and embroidery yarn, it is very simple to create a wonderful dinosaur land. The … Continue Reading →