Melted Crayons

This turned out to be a great activity to do with my kids. I was so tired of them breaking their crayons and peeling off the paper, that I had … Continue Reading →

Felted Trees and a Winter-Scape

In an attempt to make my children fall in love with the holidays as much as I did as a kid, I have brought traditions into our home that we do each year. One that I started this year was to create a winter scene. Continue Reading →

Branches Christmas Tree

While clearing our land in Hawaii for planting and putting up a house, we cut down a few small guava trees. Guava wood is incredibly dense and beautiful. I used this to make my stick tree. Continue Reading →

Felted Watch for Pretend Play

I nabbed this idea here almost a year ago. Rummaging through my pinterest for ideas to make a birthday gift for a little friend turning four, I thought I’d give … Continue Reading →

Simple Piñata for Cinco de Mayo

Having never bought a Piñata before, I took a look at the store to buy one for our Cinco de Mayo party. Yieieiei! For something that is beaten to a pulp, they … Continue Reading →

Throwing a Valentines Party (Birthday)

To celebrate the birthdays of my two sweet boys, we threw a Valentines Day Birthday Bash, as it ended up being the day equally between their actual birthdays. I decorated … Continue Reading →

Preschool Last Minute Valentine: Pieces!

The day before my son’s preschool celebrated valentines, I was scrambling to put something together. I wanted something a four year old could help create.  So many Valentines DIY ideas … Continue Reading →

Flower Block: Open Ended Play

This past December I saw a post on The Artful Parent about a toy that encourage open ended play. It was simply a wooden block with holes drilled into it … Continue Reading →

Owl Seedballs for the Birds

This cute little guy was pretty easy to make and my 3 year old was able to help.  We enjoy watching the birds in the neighborhood at our feeders.  This … Continue Reading →

Kiddie Pool to Sand Box

It’s the end of the summer in the southwest and not quite hot enough outside to be swimming.  The kiddie pool we purchased at the beginning of the summer to … Continue Reading →