Simple Vegan, Gluten Free Pizza Crust

I have made countless numbers of homemade vegan, gluten free pizza crusts in the past five years. Most of the recipes I use, I never follow 100% because they are … Continue Reading →

Lasagna: vegan and low fat

This lasagna is incredibly yummy and packs all the flavors of momma’s home cooking without the meat, cow breastmilk (cheese), or fatty oils.  It is loaded with veggies, greens, and … Continue Reading →

Cauliflower Croquettes – Vegan

You guys, this is the yummiest little vegan dinner bite! I am always looking for creative ways to present dinner veggies for my kids.  This one is so appealing that … Continue Reading →

Cheezy Quinoa Dinner Biscuits

These little vegan, low fat biscuits are a balanced meal! They contain veggies, grains, and beans.  We pair them with soups or on-the-go lunches for the kids.  They are great … Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Curry with Potatoes, 80-10-10 Raw Vegan

When we go out to eat as Raw til 4 Vegans, we gravitate towards vietnamese places.  Almost everything on the menu fits with our lifestyle dietary needs.  There is one … Continue Reading →

Bean Dip with Cucumber “Chips”, 80-10-10

I’ve been eating 80-10-10 Raw Vegan till 4p for about 3 months now.  Salads have become the norm at lunch.  But when I’m getting bored with salads, I usually go … Continue Reading →

Asian Barley Salad, 80-10-10

When you eat 80-10-10, Raw till 4pm, you need calories in your salad.  Rice and corn and beans can get boring sometimes. Now Barley, this grain is really something!  It … Continue Reading →

Potato Wedge Wraps, 80-10-10

This is the easiest dinner meal, seriously.  And it is so easy to make when I need to use up a potato that has been left over from some other … Continue Reading →

Yam and Bean “Burgers”, 80-10-10 Vegan

In our house we LOOOOVE eating Plant foods, low fat (80-10-10).  There are so many benefits to eating this way.  I feel 10 years younger, my knees don’t hurt anymore, … Continue Reading →

Dragon / Alligator Cupcake Birthday Cake and Theme

For my son’s birthday I wanted to keep it simpler than years past.  I usually invite too many people and plan too many things and I end up not enjoying … Continue Reading →