Dishonesty of Vitamins and Supplement Manufacturing

…And it actually sounds like a waste of money to buy vitamins, as well as a health risk. What is listed on the bottle is not guaranteed to be what you put in your mouth. And worst of all, the supplement industry wants to keep it that way. Continue Reading →

Natural Inquirer, Free Magazines for Kids

Natural Inquirer is a free magazine for kids of varying ages. Simply setup an account with mailing address and select what issues you want mailed to you. There are series … Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of New Year

To welcome the new year, which is really an arbitrary number, we sometimes feel obligated to force a resolution upon our future selves. The wisdom of this tradition gets buried in egoic aspirations. Continue Reading →

Sea Turtle Rescue in Hawaii

We went to a black sand beach in Hawaii one morning and witnessed the release of a sea turtle back into the wild. Since then we have met another turtle … Continue Reading →

Sunscreen is Killing Coral Reefs

“Not only did the study determine that a tiny amount of sunscreen is all it takes to begin damaging the delicate corals — the equivalent of a drop of water in a half-dozen Olympic-sized swimming pools — it documented three different ways that the ingredient oxybenzone breaks the coral down, robbing it of life-giving nutrients and turning it ghostly white” Continue Reading →

What is Your Default Setting?

..”This continued through college and by the end of it I was burnt out. On top of all that, the majority of my childhood was blanketed in extreme religious views that put great emphasis on external motivation like reward systems (heaven or hell), sky-god watching every move (control), and the burden of thinking that you are flawed no matter what you do and only Jesus can save you (helplessness)…” Continue Reading →

From Gluten Intolerant to Wheat-Eater

This is my personal anecdotal story of how I thought I was gluten intolerant for 6 years, started eating the Whole Foods, Plant Based lifestyle and found out I wasn’t gluten intolerant. If I would have heard someone say this to me even a year ago, I would have laughed at the idea that someone could be intolerant and then suddenly find out they are not intolerant to gluten. I believed so strongly that I was gluten intolerant that it had become part of my food identity. Continue Reading →

Supporting Child-Led Learning

Harvard Seeks out Homeschoolers It is well known in top colleges that homeschoolers and unschoolers are prized students for their creativity, connection with their community and ability to think for … Continue Reading →

Non-Violent Communication

About three years ago my relationship with one of my siblings went south. The cause: communication methods that were not working for either of us. We ended up not speaking … Continue Reading →

Support Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Documentary

Bill Nye, articulate presenter of science for kids and adults, is having a documentary made about himself. They need some kickstarter support to complete the project. There is just a … Continue Reading →