Not Even Once

I am in the middle of reading The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health. Author … Continue Reading →

The REAL Cause of Myopia

Why do so many of us need glasses? More and more kids need glasses for long distance vision everyday. Is there a major genetic flaw influencing our vision at a … Continue Reading →

Drone spies on Factory Farming Operations

If you eat bacon, you should know that this is the kind of filth you are supporting with your almighty dollar. “It’s easy for a big pig farm to have as much waste as a medium sized city.” So the cesspool of pig feces and urine is sprayed into the air with a giant sprinkler to get rid of the toxic water. Continue Reading →

Stop trying to change your body

Ali at the Perception Trainers channel has her finger on something profound. I enjoy all her videos, but felt that this one really spoke to me. I wanted to share … Continue Reading →

Vegan is a Rational Choice (Beyonce Says So)

We are all vegans about most of the creatures in the world. Do you eat dog, horse, parrot, monkey, elephant? I take it a few animals further: pig, cow, chicken… Continue Reading →

Women Prefer Uncircumcised Men to Circumcised

I so love this channel, this girl is amazing. She put together a great summary of facts about circumcision and why we should stop cutting the foreskin off baby boys. … Continue Reading →

Insane Muscle Gains on Plant Food Diet

I celebrate 1 year eating a Plant Foods Diet! And our experience with insane muscle gain at the gym while eating a high plant foods diet.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Vegans

It would be more appropriate to ask a meat eater where they get their B12 because apparently all the B12 gets destroyed when meat is cooked. And there are components in meat, and especially in dairy, that inhibit the absorption of B12 by the body. Vegans who have been eating a plant based diet for decades without supplementing take blood tests and do not have a B12 deficiency. How can this be? Continue Reading →

Our Chemical Lives

ABCTVCatalyst is an Australian documentary film company that graciously posts their full episodes to youtube.  I aways enjoy their productions and felt the need to share this one in particular. … Continue Reading →