Map Love

  I did not know I was a maphead until halfway through college. While double majoring in music performance, I took an elective course in “Human Geography.” The course brushed … Continue Reading →

Wood Inlay Maps

Wood Cut Maps custom creates wood inlay maps of whatever area you choose.  You can custom create your map using google maps that is put through their software to show … Continue Reading →

Tap Tap Maps!

GIS peeps should keep tabs on this one:  Tap Tap Maps promises to make a smooth integration between ESRI online products and Apple and Android Apps.  Supposedly it will be … Continue Reading →

Time Laps of fly over Earth

Stunningly beautiful videography edited seamlessly as fly-overs taken from space. Continue Reading →

XKCD: Map Projections

… and what they say about you. Continue Reading →

Map of “Failed States”: EPI

EPI Study suggests that lack of access to birth control and education causes women to have more children, increasing the population and putting more strain on the resources of the … Continue Reading →

Mapping Rain Forests in 3D

…a biological survey of a never-before-explored tract of remote and inaccessible cloud forest. They are doing so using an advanced system that enables them to map the three-dimensional physical structure of the forest as well as its chemical and optical properties… Continue Reading →

Map Blankets: Cuddle with Space

What a neat idea!  As a map-maker and crafter I find this combines the whole of my existence… sort of.  From Haptic, I give you Soft Maps!

Google Maps Help Track Typhoid Fever Outbreak Source

“To capture the information, health workers would visit a patient’s home and use GPS to capture the exact location.” Continue Reading →

Civil Liberties under attack: Graduated Color Map of USA

The ACLU put out a map this week showing in graduated colors those states where civil liberties were threatened so far this year.  The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is … Continue Reading →