Lead on your Holiday Lights – what?!?

As if there aren’t enough toxins to try to avoid bringing into our homes, now there is a lead coating sprayed onto holiday light strands.  Lead is applied to the … Continue Reading →

Natural Oils for Home Pest Control

I have been using essential oils for home pest control for about a year. It is the greenest, cheapest, most effective way to keep those house and plant bugs away. … Continue Reading →

There is officially EVERYTHING on youtube

Including talking crowds of sheep!  This funny video from New Zealand features sheep that not only follow the crowd, they “baaaa” with the crowd.

Why you should care about the honey bee’s plight

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve likely heard about the colony collapse disorder and plight of the honey bee occurring over the last decade.  Perhaps you don’t eat … Continue Reading →

True Cost of Commuting Infographic

How much does your car and commute to work really cost you each year? Brace yourself…. you might start seeing light rail in a whole new way… Continue Reading →

Shocking Video Shows Dairy Calves Bludgeoned with Pick Axe

From Treehugger.com: “As Tom Philpott points out over at Grist, it’s a bizarre world when activists filming factory farms may be branded terrorists, yet gigantic meat and dairy corporations continue to … Continue Reading →

March 2011: Videos of Oil Still in the Gulf

Our famliy has boycott all seafood, not only because of overfishing but because of contamination. Here is another reason (if you need one) to be extremely suspicious of seafood: Continue Reading →

Recycling Flash Mob

What would you do if this happened to you? Continue Reading →