Best Hydroponic System, Cheap & DIY

In this post, I will show you how to make a $600 Hydroponic system for less than $275. Take a video tour of our system setup! Continue Reading →

Natural Inquirer, Free Magazines for Kids

Natural Inquirer is a free magazine for kids of varying ages. Simply setup an account with mailing address and select what issues you want mailed to you. There are series … Continue Reading →

Sea Turtle Rescue in Hawaii

We went to a black sand beach in Hawaii one morning and witnessed the release of a sea turtle back into the wild. Since then we have met another turtle … Continue Reading →

Sunscreen is Killing Coral Reefs

“Not only did the study determine that a tiny amount of sunscreen is all it takes to begin damaging the delicate corals — the equivalent of a drop of water in a half-dozen Olympic-sized swimming pools — it documented three different ways that the ingredient oxybenzone breaks the coral down, robbing it of life-giving nutrients and turning it ghostly white” Continue Reading →

California Water Restrictions and your Burger

It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce on pound of beef. This is due to the corn and feed that must be grown to grow a cow through it’s lifetime. So next time you eat a hamburger, remember that it is equivalent to taking 25 showers (625 gallons of water). Most people eating a standard American diet eat twice this amount of meat every day. The water wastage and amount of crop area needed to grow this kind of animal feed is mind boggling. Continue Reading →

Our Chemical Lives

ABCTVCatalyst is an Australian documentary film company that graciously posts their full episodes to youtube.  I aways enjoy their productions and felt the need to share this one in particular. … Continue Reading →

Vegan Dog?

The pet food industry is highly unregulated, making the sources of animal protein questionable. It isn’t an industry that I care to support as a vegan. We began researching what dogs actually eat and it turns out that most of the calories in major dog food brands come from plant sources (albeit not the greatest quality or sources, but plant based regardless). A small percentage… Continue Reading →

Two big reasons we won’t stay in Phoenix much longer

We have loved living in the desert for over 5 years.  We even bought a house here.  My husband and I are both restless people, preferring to be on the … Continue Reading →

Non-organic Foods Contain Poison in Every Cell

It is very possible that any non organic food you eat has neonicotinoids, a systematic poison, in every cell of the plant.  Animals you eat who are fed with non organic … Continue Reading →

My first Month eating 80-10-10, Raw Vegan

I recently started eating Raw Vegan, following the 80-10-10 nutritional plan.  This way of eating is described as consuming mostly all raw fruits and veggies.  The percentage of calories from … Continue Reading →