Spider Races: Halloween Science

Gravity! Simple, fun, and the foundation of so many science concepts. This science game uses things from around the house. Kids can experiment with the speed of the spiders by … Continue Reading →

Low Fat, Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

This vanilla cupcake is fluffy, sweet, and so much lighter than traditional vegan cupcake recipes. Pair this with my No-Melt Fluffy Vegan Frosting and you are ready for any celebration! … Continue Reading →

Modifying our Genes with CRISPR

This is our future. And this video explains how CRISPR will change our world. Do you want to understand it?

Fasting – is it worth it?

Before starting my fast, I considered how I might respond. There is the mental challenge and the curiosity about how I will handle it. There is the physical challenge of resisting the body’s screaming urge to eat. And why do this to myself? Well, for science. Or rather, because of science. Continue Reading →

Best Hydroponic System, Cheap & DIY

In this post, I will show you how to make a $600 Hydroponic system for less than $275. Take a video tour of our system setup! Continue Reading →

Cancer Reversal through Diet?

I often talk about a whole foods, plant based diet and how it can prevent western illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Studies on real cancer patients are revealing … Continue Reading →

Plant Strong

Rip Esselstyn gave a TEDx talk that introduces the Plant Strong diet. Because of his age and background as a firefighter, his message seems to be welcomed by a different demographic than some other voices in the vegan movement. He also wrote a book about the Plant Strong diet: “Engine 2 Diet”. Continue Reading →

Anti-aging treatment coming soon

This is really happening. Telomere therapy is the holy grail of aging gracefully, and it seems someone has cracked the code. Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of Bioviva USA Inc. has become … Continue Reading →

Map Love

  I did not know I was a maphead until halfway through college. While double majoring in music performance, I took an elective course in “Human Geography.” The course brushed … Continue Reading →

Brief Candle in the Dark, Richard Dawkins

Dawkins covered every detail behind his books, science studies, interests through his career, television appearances, lectures, and more. The book is not written in a linear fashion, rather, the author takes the liberty of jumping around as one story leads into another story. Continue Reading →