Vegan Blood Test Results

Vegan for 3 years, very healthy and the blood test results to show for it!

Homemade Coconut Yogurt or Sour Creme

Our favorite way to use the plain coconut yogurt (sour creme) is mixed with mashed potatoes. It’s flavor is so similar to dairy sour creme that we have fooled many a dinner guest with our creamy vegan mashed potatoes. It is one of our kid’s (and our) favorite dinner foods. Continue Reading →

Dishonesty of Vitamins and Supplement Manufacturing

…And it actually sounds like a waste of money to buy vitamins, as well as a health risk. What is listed on the bottle is not guaranteed to be what you put in your mouth. And worst of all, the supplement industry wants to keep it that way. Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Sam Harris About Going Vegan

It’s unethical to delegate something to be done that you wouldn’t do yourself for ethical reasons. If you would be horrified to kill an animal and would just never countenance it to get your next hamburger, well then to have it done out of sight and out of mind is not an ethical solution. – Sam Harris Continue Reading →

10 Reasons not to Donate Farm Animals to Needy Families

… Not only is the animal another mouth to feed in a place where plant food is already scarce for human consumption, the majority of people cannot consume dairy (lactose intolerance). Continue Reading →

From Gluten Intolerant to Wheat-Eater

This is my personal anecdotal story of how I thought I was gluten intolerant for 6 years, started eating the Whole Foods, Plant Based lifestyle and found out I wasn’t gluten intolerant. If I would have heard someone say this to me even a year ago, I would have laughed at the idea that someone could be intolerant and then suddenly find out they are not intolerant to gluten. I believed so strongly that I was gluten intolerant that it had become part of my food identity. Continue Reading →

‘Back to Basics’ Dinners

When I switched to eating a whole foods, plant based diet, I struggled with making dinners. Eating so much more veggies and grains for dinner confused me. I felt like … Continue Reading →

Best Banana Bread Recipe

You are in for a treat. This recipe tops them all. It is both simple and delicious. We always have ripe bananas around. But I rarely make cake breads, as … Continue Reading →

Review of Chocolate Tree, Sedona

We visited Sedona over the weekend and found a wonderful vegan, kid friendly restaurant called Chocolate Tree! Come watch the video to take a tour. Continue Reading →

Discovering Sourdough Bread – Vegan and Fat free!

I’ve been a gluten free eater for about 6 years, with much recent doubt that I actually need to eat gluten free. That is another story. The rest of my … Continue Reading →