10 Myths about Atheism

So if you think that atheists consider life meaningless or that we think everything arose by chance, head over to Sam’s article and find out what we really think. Continue Reading →

There is officially EVERYTHING on youtube

Including talking crowds of sheep!  This funny video from New Zealand features sheep that not only follow the crowd, they “baaaa” with the crowd.

Chicken Midwifery?

This happens quite often in the chicken coup: Two ladies in a nest box, somehow managing to squish themselves side by side, and sometimes with one standing over top the … Continue Reading →

The Time You Have

I find as we get older, our conversations express more and more a desire to live our passions, make our dreams a reality.  Most often these dreams are not wild, … Continue Reading →

21 Ways to Tell if you Live in a Tiny Apartment

Living in a small apartment or home can be challenging but fun.  Reflecting on the days before we had kids, I was reminded of all the quirky, odd challenges that … Continue Reading →

How to raise scientifically savvy kids:

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains: click on the link to watch the video. Continue Reading →

Baby “Mugging”

Have you heard about baby mugging?  It’s totally not what you think it is.  Rather cute, and definitely a meme on the internet right now.  I have a baby and a couple … Continue Reading →

Chicken Hugger

My son has become very friendly with our backyard chickens. They allow him to hang out with them while they forage, he pets their backs and they don’t mind at … Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: “Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief” -Dale McGowan

Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief, has produced yet another valuable parenting resource for those raising children without religious indoctrination.  Raising Freethinkers takes the bull by the horns and … Continue Reading →