Afterlife Debate with Hitchens, Harris and Jewish Rabbi Wolpe and Artson

Watch at this link to see the debate about “is there an afterlife?” Continue Reading →


What is Life?

Another Great Debate was held at ASU.  This time pulling in Richard Dawkins and Craig Venture, to name a few.  The first panel, back in November 2010 featured Sam Harris … Continue Reading →


Why I Rarely Debate Christians anymore:

It is amazing how few potential Christian debators make it past the first three criteria. Once into the debate portion of the flow chart, the most common grievances against the debate are violations 2 and 3. Continue Reading →

Christopher Hitchens

Hitchens vs. Blair: “Is Religion a Force for Good in the World?”

Hitchens’ most recent debate was held in Toronto.  The pairing of debaters was not too shy of pitting George Bush against Sam Harris, and not surprisingly Hitchens slaughtered Blair.  It is a … Continue Reading →


Christian College Hiding Debate Video between Hitchens and Dembski

They captured the debate on video, which they soon refused to air on their website.  Why?  Hitchens, in good form, creamed Dr. Dembski.  Apparently some people have been able to grab the video before Prestonwood decided not to share the defeat of Dr. Demski. Continue Reading →


Jesus’ Blood carries Hepatitis A: Communion Wine Fluid Swap

“Standing in line to swap fluids and disease by swilling from the same cup was going to get someone in trouble, eventually — and now it’s happened. Catholics in New York have been exposed to hepatitis A through sharing Jesus’ blood.” Continue Reading →


Serious Catholic Hospital Issues Brought to Light

The tradoff of handing over administrative authority in return for magic crackers and wine seems to be a loosing situation for “Catholic” hospitals. Continue Reading →


Respect for Faith? No Way.

Pat Condell: “Faith disqualifies reason the way… a criminal disqualifies the law.” Continue Reading →


Christmas is really an Astronomical Holiday

Winter Solstice was a month long event in December which celebrated the turning of days from getting shorter to getting longer because of the earth’s rotation on its axis around the sun. In other words, the reason for the season is the axial tilt of the earth, to put it bluntly. Continue Reading →


Pope Enjoys Topless, Sexy Men Performing at Vatican

So this is what it takes to get him to smile. I suppose, what else are we to expect from men who wear gowns everyday and have fancy hats for special occasions? Continue Reading →