Chicken FAIL

Our chickens show their personalities without reservation, which makes watching them do their chicken “thing” amusing.  They rule the backyard, chasing away cats and other birds with a dino-like velociraptor strut.  If you bring … Continue Reading →


Merry Solstice!

It’s December 21st: the shortest day of the year, and the real reason for the season that is upon us.  We wish you peace, happiness and compassion for others.  May … Continue Reading →



Dance, Monkey Dance

Putting us in our place, and our humanism in perspective… Continue Reading →

Sh*t Crunchy Mommas Say

This pretty much sums up my mothering days for the last year… I nearly bust a gut laughing when the Veggie Chips scene comes by…

Penn Jillette

Priests Fight with Brooms in Bethlehem church on Christmas

And this was caught on video?  Sweet… for anyone who says that religion brings peace and joy to the world, this is one nail in the coffin for that concept. … Continue Reading →

life diagram

The Grey Area Between Life and Not Alive

From TED talks: “In his lab, Martin Hanczyc makes “protocells,” experimental blobs of chemicals that behave like living cells. His work demonstrates how life might have first occurred on Earth … Continue Reading →

Occupy Vatican?

The Vatican Proposes a World Central Bank… what is going on here?  The Catholic Religion wants to be a global religion and now they want a global bank too?  Neither … Continue Reading →