Documentary about Atheism on Indiegogo

This documentary hits close to home for me. The misunderstanding people in the USA have for atheism is frustrating to say the least. Help fund this documentary to help explain … Continue Reading →

Interviewed on AM950, MN Atheist Talk Radio

Brianne, radio host for Atheist Talk radio on AM950 in Minnesota, is a kickstarter backer for the Christian Mythology project. She invited me to discuss the book and some other … Continue Reading →

Why Are We Here?

Crash Course always puts out amazing stuff. This one was worth sharing.

The Heathen Down Under

The video had over 14,000 views on it’s first day, and lucky for us the first mail he opened was the book! Oh My Zeus! And I just loved his reaction, and then his realization that this was a secular book about Christian fairy tales. The best. Thank you for sharing, Dave! Continue Reading →

Hot Mama Interview & Vegan Weightloss

Before she left Hawaii, she did an impromptu interview with me about my book, Christian Mythology for Kids. Thank you Amy for being an inspiration! Continue Reading →

Objectively Presenting Bible Stories to Kids

I had a lovely conversation with Hemant and Jessica on the Friendly Atheist Podcast about my book, Christian Mythology for Kids: A Secular Family’s Guide to Modern Christianity. Thank you both for … Continue Reading →

Free AudioBook: “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris

Apparently, one of Sam Harris’s early books, The End of Faith, was not read by the author. The audiobook voice actor did an appalling job of reading the book, as Sam explains in the first audio reading of his book. To rectify this, and to add more discussion to a book that is highly controversial, he has recorded the book himself with additional comments. It is free to listen to on youtube as part of his Waking Up podcast series. Continue Reading →

The Woman Behind the Pope

After the death of Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church did its best to write Teresa out of his history. The BBC reveals the letters passed between them and … Continue Reading →

Does your Library have Bibles and Religious Materials?

Did you know that if your library doesn’t carry a book you think should be in their collection, they often listen to your suggestions? Libraries are funded by public money, … Continue Reading →

My Book is Now Available on Amazon and B&N

In a small gesture, this book is a strong, yet quiet way of tearing down walls of ego that religion uses to isolate and define itself as a section of humanity. We are all on this rock together, and the stories of our past that were once useful and beautiful in their own right, can remain a part of history and the fabric of the human story. As we welcome a higher human consciousness, we respectfully place past religions on the shelf of mythology. The myths will not be forgotten, but told in the context of the human ego, seeking to define itself in the world. Continue Reading →