Chicken FAIL

Our chickens show their personalities without reservation, which makes watching them do their chicken “thing” amusing.  They rule the backyard, chasing away cats and other birds with a dino-like velociraptor strut.  If you bring … Continue Reading →

Dance, Monkey Dance

Putting us in our place, and our humanism in perspective… Continue Reading →

Sh*t Crunchy Mommas Say

This pretty much sums up my mothering days for the last year… I nearly bust a gut laughing when the Veggie Chips scene comes by…

Priests Fight with Brooms in Bethlehem church on Christmas

And this was caught on video?  Sweet… for anyone who says that religion brings peace and joy to the world, this is one nail in the coffin for that concept. … Continue Reading →

Dear Human,

You are a Tiny Spec, Dwarfed by even the tiniest objects in the heavens, Sincerely, the Universe. Continue Reading →

rapture embarrassed

After the Rapture… Still Here

While Harold Camping sits safe with his millions, Christians have gone nuts and even killed their children because of his prophesy that the world would end on May 21st, 2011. VIDEO Continue Reading →

Top 5 Reasons Why Lent is Bullshit

You poor martyrs! How terrible that you have to do without soda, candy, chocolate, video games, TV, etc for a WHOLE FORTY DAYS. Have you given any thought as to all those who live in abject poverty and NEVER have ANY of that stuff? Continue Reading →

Pope Enjoys Topless, Sexy Men Performing at Vatican

So this is what it takes to get him to smile. I suppose, what else are we to expect from men who wear gowns everyday and have fancy hats for special occasions? Continue Reading →

The Unholy Scriptures: Summarized and Pulverized, Ch. 4

Lost Cause

Lord God made a pretty bad bet

sending Jesus to settle my debt.

He who died for my sins

can just do it again

‘cause I ain’t stopped committin’ ‘em yet. Continue Reading →