Easter Story, Christian Mythology

Would you like to share with your kids the Easter story from Christian Mythology without the dogma? Well, look no further: Christian Mythology for Kids: A Secular Family’s Guide to … Continue Reading →

No Mormon Mythology?

There is always an excuse, but for this project I wasn’t looking for one. Mormonism is one of the craziest religions today, with recent traditions and dogma that sounds like … Continue Reading →

Driftwood Stick Christmas Tree

    Last year we attempted to make a stick tree that turned out beautifully, with one large problem… it was incredibly heavy. We used guava wood, which is dense. … Continue Reading →

Fostering the Spirit of Giving during the Holidays

In this age of consumerism, there is a real temptation to shower my children with stuff on Winter Solstice, and trust me I do, with increasing moderation each year. The … Continue Reading →

Give the Gift of Reason this Season!

A secular reading of the chapter on Jesus’s Birth Story. Give the Gift of Reason this Season! Continue Reading →

35% OFF, Black Friday Sale

Christian Mythology for Kids book is now 35% off through December 1st! Give the Gift of Reason this Season. Continue Reading →

The Fishing Cat

At a local koi pond, the resident cat was trying to tell us something…  

My Musical Past, Recordings

I will share with you something about me that I often have kept hidden, especially in secular circles. However, it is a large part of who I am and the … Continue Reading →

Discussing Death with Young Children, A Secular Parenting Approach

I realized that science can be just as soothing of an answer. With all the research and breakthroughs in longevity science these days, it is actually possible that my children could benefit from this science and perhaps take part in it. I explained to my child in simple terms about the science of longevity and how he could possibly benefit from this science and also participate in studying longevity and ways to help people extend their healthspan and lifespan. Continue Reading →

Christian Mythology on Your Wall

It has been 3 months since Christian Mythology for Kids published and we are excited to now offer posters, canvas, and prints. If you love the art by Christopher Zakrzewski … Continue Reading →