Tropical Felted Fruit & Pattern

There was a stretch of time when the rain would not let up. Too much time had passed since we had been to the beach. The kids surprised me with … Continue Reading →

Springtime “Eggs in the Nest” Craft for Kids

“Eggs in the Nest” is a wonderful craft during Springtime and around Easter. I asked the kids to gather twigs and leaves to make their nests. This itself was a … Continue Reading →

My Child Won’t Paint: The Ritual of Art

Art, and the freedom of expression that this medium provides, is too profound to lose because a child needs help finding their voice in their art. In the same way that children need us to model pretend play, or help them put together a puzzle or read to them before they can read; we need to actively show them how to incorporate creative art in their play so they can see more possibilities in their own expression. Continue Reading →

Branches Christmas Tree

While clearing our land in Hawaii for planting and putting up a house, we cut down a few small guava trees. Guava wood is incredibly dense and beautiful. I used this to make my stick tree. Continue Reading →

18 Nature Inspired Gifts to Make With & For Children

Trying to steer the holidays away from getting lots of plastic toys can be difficult. Placing emphasis on giving gifts that are thoughtfully created by hand can help change the focus of the season. Continue Reading →

Animal Architects

Most kids I know are very curious about animals. They want to know what animals eat, where they live, what sounds they make. This beautiful book takes that interest a … Continue Reading →

Flower Block: Open Ended Play

This past December I saw a post on The Artful Parent about a toy that encourage open ended play. It was simply a wooden block with holes drilled into it … Continue Reading →

13 year old’s TED talk about Hack-School

We have been considering unschooling our kids when their school days come.  Unschooling is world’s different from Homeschooling.  This 13 year old describes how he does “Hack-Schooling”, which is a … Continue Reading →

Reggio-inspired Bird Tree

We had so many dead branches to cut from the underside of our mesquite tree this fall.  The branches were perfectly dry, like something you might buy at a craft … Continue Reading →