Let’s Play Math

Let’s Play Math by Denise Gaskins is my ultimate guide for Unschooling math concepts. Denise explains how to keep the wonder and excitement in math. She gives many examples of … Continue Reading →

Family Jobs, (Not Chores)

Encouraging my kids to help with family chores hasn’t come naturally. It is inevitably less work for me to just pickup after them and do the household chores than to … Continue Reading →

Unschooling Resources Page

Think of this list as a compilation of opportunity openers, a guide for the guide. This is what has inspired us and our learning, we hope it inspires you! Continue Reading →

Khan Academy & Duck Duck Moose

The Khan Academy last week announced that they are partnering with a company that makes children’s learning apps. Duck Duck Moose apps will now be available on iTunes and Google … Continue Reading →

Free to Learn

Free to Learn is a gem of a book, with fast and sound arguments to defend a position that stands so starkly opposing the traditional public education system. It has compelled me to seek a vastly different education experience for my children, something that I knew in my heart was best for them, and now I have a more informed opinion on why the alternative really does encourage a lifelong love of learning that is self motivated. Continue Reading →

Rhythmic Summer Schedule for Kids

We sing songs and read together every day, but having little pockets of time devoted to these things is when the repetition of activity creates ritual and confidence in a child. When we drop everything else and together create, build, learn a new song, set up the art easel; we create space for the child to experience their next moment of discovery. Continue Reading →

Reflecting on My Experience as a Homeschooler

A family that unschools will aim to be their child’s guide and learning partner: providing the child with the resources to explore their interests and open doors to information that lies hidden along the path of their interest. The most difficult part of unschooling for many parents is letting go of being in control of both the progression and content of our child’s learning journey. Continue Reading →

“The Homeschooling Handbook” by Lippincott

. Lippincott’s book is an excellent resource for families who are not sure if they want to home educate and/or if they are unsure about what home education might look like for them. Continue Reading →

Springtime “Eggs in the Nest” Craft for Kids

“Eggs in the Nest” is a wonderful craft during Springtime and around Easter. I asked the kids to gather twigs and leaves to make their nests. This itself was a … Continue Reading →

Young at Art: Teaching Toddlers Self-Expression

Susan’s book helped me to understand the importance of scribbling and the stages of scribbling. She convinced me that using one color at a time (each color for a length of time) is best for a young child. Children are more focused on the process, not the product of art. Continue Reading →