Free to Learn

Free to Learn is a gem of a book, with fast and sound arguments to defend a position that stands so starkly opposing the traditional public education system. It has compelled me to seek a vastly different education experience for my children, something that I knew in my heart was best for them, and now I have a more informed opinion on why the alternative really does encourage a lifelong love of learning that is self motivated. Continue Reading →

Rhythmic Summer Schedule for Kids

We sing songs and read together every day, but having little pockets of time devoted to these things is when the repetition of activity creates ritual and confidence in a child. When we drop everything else and together create, build, learn a new song, set up the art easel; we create space for the child to experience their next moment of discovery. Continue Reading →

Reflecting on My Experience as a Homeschooler

A family that unschools will aim to be their child’s guide and learning partner: providing the child with the resources to explore their interests and open doors to information that lies hidden along the path of their interest. The most difficult part of unschooling for many parents is letting go of being in control of both the progression and content of our child’s learning journey. Continue Reading →