Easter Story, Christian Mythology

Would you like to share with your kids the Easter story from Christian Mythology without the dogma? Well, look no further: Christian Mythology for Kids: A Secular Family’s Guide to … Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Math

Let’s Play Math by Denise Gaskins is my ultimate guide for Unschooling math concepts. Denise explains how to keep the wonder and excitement in math. She gives many examples of … Continue Reading →

The Danish Way of Parenting

The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know about Raising Confident, Capable Kids This book stole my heart. I could have highlighted every word of … Continue Reading →

Free to Learn

Free to Learn is a gem of a book, with fast and sound arguments to defend a position that stands so starkly opposing the traditional public education system. It has compelled me to seek a vastly different education experience for my children, something that I knew in my heart was best for them, and now I have a more informed opinion on why the alternative really does encourage a lifelong love of learning that is self motivated. Continue Reading →

Fruit Hunters: Obsession

This book appealed to me on so many levels. Exotic fruit, growing fruit, and traveling are all pieces of The Fruit Hunters that grabbed me. Any kind of obsession is … Continue Reading →

Objectively Presenting Bible Stories to Kids

I had a lovely conversation with Hemant and Jessica on the Friendly Atheist Podcast¬†about my book, Christian Mythology for Kids: A Secular Family’s Guide to Modern Christianity.¬†Thank you both for … Continue Reading →

Free AudioBook: “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris

Apparently, one of Sam Harris’s early books, The End of Faith, was not read by the author. The audiobook voice actor did an appalling job of reading the book, as Sam explains in the first audio reading of his book. To rectify this, and to add more discussion to a book that is highly controversial, he has recorded the book himself with additional comments. It is free to listen to on youtube as part of his Waking Up podcast series. Continue Reading →

My Book is Now Available on Amazon and B&N

In a small gesture, this book is a strong, yet quiet way of tearing down walls of ego that religion uses to isolate and define itself as a section of humanity. We are all on this rock together, and the stories of our past that were once useful and beautiful in their own right, can remain a part of history and the fabric of the human story. As we welcome a higher human consciousness, we respectfully place past religions on the shelf of mythology. The myths will not be forgotten, but told in the context of the human ego, seeking to define itself in the world. Continue Reading →

“The Homeschooling Handbook” by Lippincott

. Lippincott’s book is an excellent resource for families who are not sure if they want to home educate and/or if they are unsure about what home education might look like for them. Continue Reading →

I Love You Rituals

On my journey of conscious parenting, many books have crossed my path that offer morsels of wisdom that though small, enact powerful changes that ripple throughout the relationships with my … Continue Reading →