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eatmoreplantfoodsThis is a comprehensive list of some of the best articles and videos with compelling reasons to eat healthier, to eat a plant based diet. I have shared these resources with family and friends upon request over and over and decided to put them all in one, easy to find place.

Documentary on Gut Bacteria and Inflammation/Overall Health

Watch this documentary when you have 1 hour.  It is a two part series:


Information on Tumors and Cancer:

Vegan Diet Prevents Cancer:

Cutting off tumor supply lines:

Cancer as an autoimmune disease:
How tumors use meat to grow:


Where do you get your protein? Dr. Greger:
How to Lose weight eating Vegan:
Is Fructose Bad? What about Fruit?
The Problem with the Paleo Diet
Combating Disabling Diseases with food, Dr. Greger
Red meat when broken down by the gut causes arthorosclerosis


1) Tumeric protects against DNA damage (tumor potential)

2) Tumeric prevents Alzheimer

Find it on Amazon

Amla Berry

I put 1/8 tsp of this in our smoothies too.


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