35% OFF, Black Friday Sale

Christian Mythology for Kids book is now 35% off through December 1st! Give the Gift of Reason this Season. Continue Reading →

Unschooling Resources Page

Think of this list as a compilation of opportunity openers, a guide for the guide. This is what has inspired us and our learning, we hope it inspires you! Continue Reading →

The Danish Way of Parenting

The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know about Raising Confident, Capable Kids This book stole my heart. I could have highlighted every word of … Continue Reading →

My Personal Boogie Man

When I was a child, I became aware that older people in my family were under threat of death from seemingly unstoppable forces of heart disease, diabetes, and the worst: … Continue Reading →

Spider Races: Halloween Science

Gravity! Simple, fun, and the foundation of so many science concepts. This science game uses things from around the house. Kids can experiment with the speed of the spiders by … Continue Reading →

Dinosaur Costume & Headpiece

My boys are interested in everything dinosaur, so it came as no surprise when they wanted to be dinosaurs for halloween. For my kids, the most distinguishing feature of the … Continue Reading →

Fall Leaves Felt Garland

Collecting fall leaves and creating nature garlands sounds magical and I would be all in, if I lived in a place where the leaves turned color in the fall. Woe … Continue Reading →

Low Fat, Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

This vanilla cupcake is fluffy, sweet, and so much lighter than traditional vegan cupcake recipes. Pair this with my No-Melt Fluffy Vegan Frosting and you are ready for any celebration! … Continue Reading →

Nature Bow, Arrow & Quiver

While at a tinkergarten class, my youngest found a wonderful arched stick. He wished to bring it home so he could have a “boo and arrow.” We found a large … Continue Reading →

No-melt, Fluffy Vegan Frosting

Melted, runny frosting is no fun, and can make even a sugary birthday treat look unappealing. I haven’t come across a vegan frosting recipe that holds up long enough to … Continue Reading →