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 LM is dedicated to the topics of sustainable living, whole foods plant based lifestyle, free-thought, DIY, health, science, and exploration. I post projects I’m working on, recipes I create, and articles on topics that concern a free thinker. I have an active mind and an active life: my blog reflects that.

Meet the Author



Chrystine is the author of the children’s book, Christian Mythology for Kids, A Secular Family’s Guide to Modern Christianity. After a successful Kickstarter, CMFK was published in April, 2016. The book has received praise from Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers. Order your copy today and find it on Amazon.

Chrystine is an eco-conscious, secular, vegan momma. She enjoys studying the sciences, being a positive atheist and humanist, weight training/yoga, staying in touch with the outdoors, living sustainably, and trying new things. Chrystine’s family follows a whole foods, plant based vegan lifestyle.

“The Journey is the Reward: Practice joy; today happens only once.”

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TO CONTACT CHRYSTINE: admin at liberated mind dot com