Fostering the Spirit of Giving during the Holidays



In this age of consumerism, there is a real temptation to shower my children with stuff on Winter Solstice, and trust me I do, with increasing moderation each year. The anticipation of the holiday and the stories of Santa, presents, and toys can overwhelm the holidays. Doing our best to walk against the currents of consumerism, we strive to find the giving spirit of the holidays with our children. They still receive presents, and we thoroughly enjoy watching their joy in opening gifts. It is this joy in watching others receive that I try to give to my children, so that they might wonder at the feeling they receive when sharing with others.

Some ways that we do this is to help the children make a gift for each other and their parents, and for other friends or family (if their interest is there). We do our best to demonstrate giving home-made gifts by making things for them and others, whenever possible. None of this is compulsory, rather we lead by example.

Volunteering our time or money to help those in need is also something we do as a family. Things we have done or will be doing as a family include:

  • Buying food for the local foodshelf
  • Volunteering time with Seniors at a local nursing home or care facility
  • Giving away some of their toys they no longer play with to Goodwill or Donation Service of some kind
  • Buying a toy to donate to a needy child toy drive
  • Paying someone’s electric bill anonymously (discuss with older children)
  • Paying someone’s layaway items at Target or Walmart (can do this with our children along, and explain that we are paying for someone’s toys and things they need).

Have a beautiful holiday season!



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