Driftwood Stick Christmas Tree





Last year we attempted to make a stick tree that turned out beautifully, with one large problem… it was incredibly heavy. We used guava wood, which is dense. I am surprised the tree stayed hanging from the rafter beam the entire holiday season.

So this year, I set out to make a lighter version of our stick tree. The stick tree was an answer to our tree dilemma of not wanting to buy a plastic tree that smelled of toxic chemicals, and also not wanting to chop down a living tree to watch it slowly die in our living room (although the later is far more eco friendly than the plastic version). Our stick tree was even easier to setup than real or fake christmas trees. And it was free! All we needed to do was find the driftwood (or branches). Some basic twine is all that was needed to string the branches together! (Note: I doubled up the twine for a sturdier hold). Like last year’s tree, this design allows us to hang the ornaments on the light strands.

Our Driftwood Christmas Tree is super light, and doesn’t take up too much space. When we are done with it, I can roll it up and put it away for next year without taking up too much space.

With the remaining driftwood, we made a mini tree for the kid’s bedroom. They were beyond thrilled and hung a few choice ornaments on their tree.







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