The Danish Way of Parenting


The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know about Raising Confident, Capable Kids

This book stole my heart. I could have highlighted every word of every page. So much of it resonated with me because it was a cultural explanation that so closely followed Conscious Parenting. It seemed to be a description of what conscious parenting looks like when discovered already living and breathing in a community. The Danes live mindfulness through their culture, and it shows.

Most of what I read was a repeat and rephrase of what I have encountered through books by Becky Bailey and Dr. Shefali. I appreciated the different perspective on how to explain this parenting style, and thought it might speak to a wider audience than books by the above mentioned authors.

A new concept was the Danish custom of Hygge (said: Hoo-ga). I can understand the benefits of Hygge and plan to adopt this concept for our family, especially as my kids grow older and can help create Hygge in the home.

If I could recommend only one parenting book, this is the new number one!


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