Dinosaur Costume & Headpiece



My boys are interested in everything dinosaur, so it came as no surprise when they wanted to be dinosaurs for halloween. For my kids, the most distinguishing feature of the costume was the head piece and the tail. Everything else was extraneous. They had some pretty creative ideas on what their costume was to be. In the end, I decided to create a simple hood headpiece with teeth and eyes.










How to Make

To make this costume, I reused the dino tails I had made a while back. There is a great tutorial for the tails over at Running with Scissors.

For the shirts with dino spikes along the back, I used the same idea for the tail spikes, just sewing it into the back of some cheap walmart shirts. I put a little stuffing into the spikes on the shirts so they would stick out instead of laying too flat.


The head pieces (or hood pieces) are each made using 1/4 yard of a solid fabric color for the hood and an alternative color fabric for the spikes. (Again, the spikes are constructed the same way as the tail and shirt, and stuffed with some polyfil). The eyes and teeth are made of felt. Everything is sewn using a machine, except for the eyes, which are hand-sewn.

First, trace around the hood from a jacket or sweatshirt that currently fits your child. Give the pattern a little extra buffer, like 1/4 inch around the piece you are tracing. You’ll need two pieces for each side of hood. Get the spikes ready, and cut out some felt teeth.


The teeth are sewn into the hood as each side is sewn together. Place the teeth on the inside of the flat, or front side of the hood (shown on the right below) with the teeth facing inside. Sew around the edges, leaving a few inches so you can turn the whole thing right side out (left below). Then close the turning gap.


Now, as you sew the two sides of the hood together, the spikes will be sewn in place. Place the spikes facing inward as shown below, sew around the top of the hood (not the front or bottom). Then turn the hood right side out.


Sew on the felt eyes and that’s it! Attach it to a shirt if you’d like, or add a bit of velcro to the front to clasp the hood.

Happy Halloween!



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