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I will share with you something about me that I often have kept hidden, especially in secular circles. However, it is a large part of who I am and the journey that I traveled to be the person I am today. During collage, I began to think differently and change my worldview, opinions, and ultimately to value mindfulness, peace, and compassion over religions, cults, and ancient books. During my transformation I was forced to consider my position on art and music whose subject matter was religion. Viewing such works as “living art history” made my participation at such a tumultuous time in my life a little easier to reconcile.

There was a time long ago when I was coming out of the shell of religion, developing my own opinion, and intensely observing my surroundings in order to rewrite my perception of the world. During this time, especially considering my profession as an organist and liturgical vocalist, I wore chameleon skin for much of my dealings with work. There was one project however, that though shrouded in religious form, was entirely secular. The Mass of St. Thomas Aquinas was written for a secular performance of a group on tour. I provided soprano vocals for both the recordings and tours in the US and China of Martin Ellerby’s Mass for St. Thomas Aquinas (under maiden name Prokop). It is a piece of work I look back on with fondness. If you decide to only listen to one of the tracks, the Gloria is my favorite artistic piece (and the most fun to sing).

Agnus Dei:

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