Felty Fishing Game



I have officially gone a little nuts-o for felt. A full kitchen set of fruit and now a whole fishing game. And I haven’t even told you about the fire, logs, and marshmallows I am making! There may need to be an intervention soon, just sayin’.



This fishing game has sparked so much imagination and creative play from my kiddos though. I just love watching them enjoy playing with toys that I make from scratch, for pennies, providing them with the enjoyment of hours of interactive play.






For this craft, you will need a variety of felt colorsembroidery thread & needle, and a bit of polyfil. I used beads for the eyes. (Buttons or thread work just as well.)

There is a strong magnet at the end of the fishing line. I simply made a square of thin fabric, wrapped the magnet in the fabric, and tied it to the end of the fishing twine. The kids each picked out their sticks from their stick collection (oh of course they have a pile of sticks collected from the beaches and parks around the island, which come in handy for some of my projects too). Oh, and this cute basket holds 8 fish and is so adorable. If I make these as a gift, a mini woven basket would be a perfect way to wrap them up.



Inside each fish is a medium sized washer and a little bit of polyfil, so they are not totally flat fish. (Check to make sure your washers are magnetic, some are not). The fish’s eyes are pony beads, a request from my youngest. He tells me I sew “sad” eyes when I just use thread, so the beads make the fish eyes more bug-eyed and realistic I suppose. The seahorse received thread eyes, as I thought the beads were too dramatic for him and made him look a little creepy.


Because we are a vegan household, we pretend to catch and release, and it provides a good opportunity to talk about taking care of the oceans, the problems with overfishing, and the toxins in the bodies of many sea creatures. Happy felting!


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