Shipping Container Home for less than $50,000


How cool is this container home?! As we are hatching our plans for a tiny house that uses a 40 foot shipping container, I find an episode of Better Homes and Gardens that shows an easy transformation build from container to home for less that $50,000. Our design looks very much like the one these guys came up with. I really loved their backsplash window idea in the kitchen – totally stealing that.






The design we are working on has a lofted area above the bedroom and bathroom, with a suspended cargo netting “play” area above the living space. Our deck will be bigger and screened in. And we won’t need to put installation on the walls, just treat the bare metal with a rust proof paint and put wood paneling on the back wall to be able to install electrical wiring, and for esthetic reasons. Ours will also be off-grid with solar and water catchment. We will be able to use and the wood flooring that comes in the container with a simple wood sealant.



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