Sewing Snakes, Kid friendly Craft



When my kids aren’t pretending to be animals, they are often playing with toy versions of their favorite animals. Dinosaurs and snakes are at the top of the list for my kids. The pretend play that arises from this kind of inspiration is incredibly imaginative.

There really couldn’t be a simpler sewing project than a snake. No pattern required. Make it the length you want, tapered at one end. Buttons for eyes and ribbon for a tongue.

Because this is so simple, I included my kids in the project design and creation process. They picked out their snake fabric at the store and the color buttons they wanted for the eyes. After the snake was sewn and turned right side out, they helped stuff the fluff in the snake. If they were a little older, they might have helped sew the buttons for eyes as well.



You will need


  1. First cut your fabric, using a fold down the middle for symmetry. Cut the top and bottom pieces of the snake.20160807_102321
  2. Sew the top and bottom together, right sides facing towards eachother. Be sure to sew the snakes tongue inside the tube, between both pieces. Leave a gap along the side so you can turn and stuff.20160807_104810
  3. Stuff the snake with fluff. The kids can help with this part.20160807_105405
  4.  Hand sew on the eyes and close the stuffing gap.sewingsnakes

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  • Wish you had put a pattern there for some people who cannot do things without patterns. They look great

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