Hot Mama Interview & Vegan Weightloss


During the Big Island Fruit Fest, I got to hang out with many hot mamas, vegan mamas to be more precise. I was particularly inspired by Amy Hagar, who has two kids under 4 years old and is in amazing health and shape. I have been struggling to lose weight after plateauing at a set weight. Lately I’ve been doing detective work to figure out why this is happening and what my body needs me to do differently so it doesn’t hang on to the weight. I’m talking about loosing 10-15 pounds, not much, but it stubbornly hangs on.

A few weeks before the fruit fest, I had figured out that I needed to get more rest at night (8-10 hours of sleep), stop doing cardio like a maniac, and focus on strength training instead. This is what worked well for me before I had kids. Life before kids provided me ample time to spend in the gym and all the sleep I wanted without anyone waking me up at the crack of dawn. It doesn’t help matters that I am a person who tends to stay up too late trying to cram in some projects while the kids are sleeping. I realized that my body is so sensitive and reacts strongly to increased cortisol levels and lack of sleep. After getting adequate rest and switching my exercising approach, I already noticed the difference in my legs and waist after a few weeks. Then I met Amy. It was so encouraging to hear that the amazing hot mama body she has is from doing exactly that: sleeping long hours at night, weight training, AND eating vegan of course.

Before she left Hawaii, she did an impromptu interview with me about my book, Christian Mythology for Kids. Thank you Amy for being an inspiration!


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