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It is difficult to believe the journey of writing Christian Mythology for Kids is complete!

It sounds cliché to compare book writing to giving birth, though I understand why writers do so. A book is a small idea that starts quietly and grows slowly, picking up speed as it goes. Other people are brought into the picture, the community of family and networks of friends become excited and support the project. The end can be agony waiting for editors, printers, for everything to finally come together. The launch feels like a birth, with all the relief of the creation phase coming to an end and the work of spreading the word yet to be started.

The process of book writing has taught me a great deal about the industry and myself.

Writing has been another welcomed challenge to my ego, my sense of self. A detachment from religion and an attachment to my children have both separated me from the ego in ways that I am grateful for, that have challenged me to consider a more pure cause than the ego. By removing conflict and enemies, religious cliques and tribes, the ego has no conflict over which to define itself. Turning inward to self examine comes easier without the need for ego-boosting conflict.

In a small gesture, this book is a strong, yet quiet way of tearing down walls of ego that religion uses to isolate and define itself as a section of humanity. We are all on this rock together, and the stories of our past that were once useful and beautiful in their own right, can remain a part of history and the fabric of the human story. As we welcome a higher human consciousness, we respectfully place past religions on the shelf of mythology. The myths will not be forgotten, but told in the context of the human ego, seeking to define itself in the world.

I owe immense gratitude to everyone who supported through Kickstarter and preorders. The cost of the project would have been too overwhelming to take on personally. The secular community came together to make this resource available and I thank you.

I will leave you with a splendid review by my friend Dale McGowan, who was so gracious to review Christian Mythology for Kids before print.

Myths fired my imagination powerfully as a kid. Greek, Norse, Hopi, West African animist tales—I devoured them all. But the stories of the Judeo-Christian canon were an exception. The retellings were always so mired in kid-glove sacredness that all the rich drama was drained out of them. Christian Mythology for Kids finally restores these fantastic tales to their rightful place among the great, compelling stories of humanity. I want to be a kid again so I can discover Christian myth afresh.

– Dale McGowan (Author, Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers)

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CMFK cover
Christian Mythology for Kids is currently available as an 8×10 hardcover book, 96 pages in length. Kindle and Nook ebooks will be available for purchase the summer of 2016.

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