Springtime “Eggs in the Nest” Craft for Kids



“Eggs in the Nest” is a wonderful craft during Springtime and around Easter. I asked the kids to gather twigs and leaves to make their nests. This itself was a fun treasure hunt. While they did that, I prepared some yarn to wrap the twigs into a mandala shape with them. They needed some help with this, but then placing the leaves into the sturdy twig base was something they could do. My 3 year old chose to place his nest items freely on the paper without fastening them together.



After the nests were done, we made felted eggs. Each of them chose 1-2 colors of felt roving for each egg they made. You can find out more about wet felting here.


They each made four or five eggs before loosing interest in making more. They brought their eggs to the nests.

Nest design of my 5 year old


Nest design of my 3 year old.

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