Brief Candle in the Dark, Richard Dawkins


How wonderful to glimpse behind the scenes of Richard Dawkins’ career. The lifelong scientist and outspoken voice of
atheism recently released his book Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science. I listened to Dawkins read the book himself on audible, which I believe was a good choice. There are a few authors that I really enjoy listening to: Dawkins, Sam Harris and David Sedaris are at the top of that list.

Dawkins covered every detail behind his books, science studies, interests through his career, television appearances, lectures, and more. The book is not written in a linear fashion, rather, the author takes the liberty of jumping around as one story leads into another story.

If you enjoy Dawkins’ many books on evolutionary science and secularism, this book will be enjoyable. It is a long book (covering many decades of a scientific career as an ambassedor to the public). Though long, it is always interesting and beautifully written, as is Dawkins’ flawless style.


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