Gift for the Sibling of a New Baby



When our friends welcomed their second child earthside, we were so thrilled for them, and celebrated despite the physical distance. We all love to shower a new mom and baby with gifts and help. It is one of the best moments in life, meeting your child and becoming a mother for the first time or more.

Having had two kids of my own, I understand now what the older child(ren) feel when the attention is diverted to a new baby. What they most often want is more of mom or dad’s time (usually mom because she is busy with baby). I decided to try a new gift, one that would help the older child by celebrating being a big brother or sister, and help the child connect with mom and dad through that gift.

The best part for me was making everything. All I needed was a bit of time, a set of clear party bags, and much of what I already had around the house and in my project and activity boxes. It was almost as much fun to make as the projects themselves!



Pirate Treasure Hunt. I created a smaller version of our Epic Pirate Treasure Hunt, that was a huge hit with my kids. Included in the kit is the printed treasure map, two eye patches, a bag of “treasure” beads, a treasure bag, and a set of clues for mom or dad to hide about the house. Of course, mom or dad can add to the treasure with whatever treats or treasures they have on hand.


Water Beads. This is the simplest one, but will likely provide the most playtime fun. The little water beads expand when placed in water and a great opportunity for sensory play, scoop and pour and many other imaginative play can ensue! Included in the kit is a set of washed plastic cups and two little lizards.


Make Your Own Ornaments. I found some plastic ornaments and included a bag of pompoms to place inside the ornaments.


Make Your Own Puppet. This is a variation on something I have made before. Instead of spoons, I created a felt blank canvas puppet to hot glue on anything the child chooses from the kit (felt strips, goggly eyes, buttons, pom-poms).


Paint a Birdhouse. This was a simple one of just a wooden birdhouse from the craft store, a paintbrush and mini paint set.


Placed in a home made gift bag (a fabric busting, and great simple sewing project), and tied with a bow, we sent this off with much love from our family to theirs!



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