Felted Trees and a Winter-Scape



When I was a kid my mother decorated the house for the holidays with great care. There was a tree of course, garland on the railings, lighted garlands on the shelves, and my favorite was a winter scene on top of the piano. It had little houses covered in snow and little people dressed up for cold weather with lamp posts and trees. It all nested on top of a blanket of “snow” fluff that made the whole thing come together nicely.

In an attempt to make my children fall in love with the holidays as much as I did as a kid, I have brought traditions into our home that we do each year. One that I started this year was to create a winter scene. Mine doesn’t have little houses or people (yet), but it also cost very little to make. The reindeer is from Target.. I wasn’t ambitious enough to make my own. The grey and white felt was from my sewing box. A couple of styrofoam cones,┬ásome felt,and hot glue was all that was needed to make the felt trees.


Cut tear-drop shaped pieces out of the crafting felt and use hot glue to fasten from the bottom to the top. I added a few mini pom pom balls as well. Put a strand of lights under some white felt and top with the polyfill.


Maybe next year we can add some little houses and people dressed up like Eskimos.


 Check out my stick holiday tree!




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