Branches Christmas Tree



Stick tree, branch tree, wall tree, flat tree, recycled tree… whatever you call this, it is beautiful and eco friendly. This tree didn’t come in a package, it isn’t made of plastic, and will last for many years. I love decorating for the holidays (solstice in our house), but the tree quandary always frustrated me. I didn’t like plastic trees, but I also didn’t like cutting down a tree just to bring into my house for a month and watch it die. There are so many creative ideas out there for making your own reusable “tree”. This one resonated with me.


While clearing our land in Hawaii for planting and putting up a house, we cut down a few small guava trees. Guava wood is incredibly dense and beautiful. I used this to make my stick tree.

We drilled holes and threaded strong rope through and hung it from a rafter beam. My husband cut a “stump” from a log of mango wood I had drying out for growing outdoor edible mushrooms. It is just set underneath the hanging stick tree.





The ornaments are actually all hung on the lighting wires. The tree is about 4 feet at the base and 5 feet tall. I used two strands of lights on this tree.


We call our tree a solstice tree, but the kids call it a christmas tree. I’ve started to embrace the use of both to describe how we celebrate the holidays. All the traditions on christmas are secular in origin anyway.


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