18 Nature Inspired Gifts to Make With & For Children



Some of these crafts you can make with your child, depending on their age and interest. All of them would make wonderful gifts from one child to another. Trying to steer the holidays away from getting lots of plastic toys can be difficult. Placing emphasis on giving gifts that are thoughtfully created by hand can help change the focus of the season.

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  1. Make this lovely ornament of a tree for your tree. Perfect project for children that includes a nature hike (for the twigs) and hand work to tie the branches together.ornament

  2. Gather some twigs and yarn scraps to make a letter ornament for each child. An Anthropologie find, but totally easy to make on your own.letters

  3. Try your hand at wool felting and make these adorable felt acorn ornaments.acorns

  4. Tired of buying a dead tree every year or putting up a plastic one? Make your own reusable tree made of organic materials. There are lots of ideas out there. This one is my favorite, and one we will try ourselves this year.stickstree

  5. Use up some of that fabric that is lying around to sew some simple gift bags. If you don’t want to sew a draw string into the sack, just use a clothespin to close the bag. reusablebags

  6. Make your own Grimm Blocks. Get a crafters set of 50 blocks for just $14 plus the cost of the liquid watercolors. Amazon prices a set of 36 blocks at $55. Little kids can help die the blocks and they make wonderful gifts (maybe sew a little bag to keep them in?)grimmblocks

  7. Kids can create artwork as gifts using unique methods like constructing a paint brush out of leavesnaturebrush

  8. Come on just try it, felting is pretty cool. Especially when you can make these awesome mushrooms to hang on your tree or give as gifts! mushrooms

  9. “Advent” Spiral – Use this as a count down to Solstice/Christmas instead of a candy window box. Move the Rock for each day closer to Solstice. Simply make salt play dough at home and form it to shape and let it dry out.

  10. Ok, so you’re not a felter, but you sew. These adorable mushrooms could be used in a child’s play kitchen, fairy garden, pretend mushroom gathering… the list is endless. mush

  11. Have a bit of wood working skills? Make some natural wood cut sewing “cards”. Include a bit of yarn and a plastic or wooden sewing needle with your gift.sewing

  12. Feeling even more ambitious with your wood working skills? This fairy house is sure to be a surprise on solstice morning! fairyhouse

  13. What child could say no to this wooden monkey climber? The tutorial is for sale on etsy, though it seems simple enough to figure out.climber

  14. Lotion bars are super easy to make, even little ones can help! lotionbar

  15. Make a set of Nature Blocks, maybe include some wooden woodland creatures, or felt your own.natureblocks

  16. Make Story Stones for a friend and sew a little bag to keep them in.storystone

  17. Use an old frame to make a loom. Supply some fabric scraps to make the first loom.frame loom

  18. DIY Solstice Lanterns. Maybe start a tradition of star gazing with your children on solstice. Go on a short walk with your lanterns singing songs together. Gaze at the stars and feel the chill of the season together.



I hope you will take these ideas with you as you begin planning your holiday gift ideas. Simplicity is incredibly rewarding.


Check out my Branches Christmas Tree idea!




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  • Oh, this is so lovely! I have forwarded this to the South Jersey Humanists. I am sure there will be many who can appreciate your creativity and lovely IDEAS.
    all my best to you and your beautiful family,

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