Secret Beach & Weird Traffic Rules


In the neighborhood where we will build our house, there is a secret access area for locals to enjoy the ocean tide pools. Okay, it isn’t really secret, but it is special and not a public beach of any kind. It is special to the locals that come to hear the ocean and feel the sea spray on their faces. We find ourselves going to the ocean at least a few times a week. It calms us, centers us, and makes us feel rooted to nature. I have struggled with meditation, but when I’m at the place where wave meets earth, the mind can be so clear and wonderfully empty.

We find tide pool creatures, rocks to climb and even new friends. The kids made friends with Liza, a visitor from Germany who was staying at a house in the neighborhood. She was probably 19 or 20 years old. She helped the kids find crabs in the tide pools and enjoyed their free spirits.

2015-10-20 17.24.12

The ocean waves are strong here, crashing high on the rocks. There is higher ground though to walk the length of the ocean and get to all the tide pools.IMG_0188


There is a forested area at the edge of the rocky beach that grows tall. The shadow of the island and the trees shades the beach after 4:30pm, so this makes it the perfect place to be before sunset.



When we come sometimes the tide is high, sometimes it is low. I haven’t quite figured out the tides and how they work yet. There was a hurricane sitting off the coast of the Big Island, which can cause ocean swells as well. One evening it was very high, and we were getting splashed at some of the higher look out rocks.



It is incredibly powerful to watch the biggest waves coming in, form a crest and then crash through the rock scape.


Our stuff finally arrived and we moved into our long term rental in Leilani. It is a sweet little house that feels like a beachy cottage. It is a little further from our property than we wanted to be, but the price was right and we couldn’t find anything closer, so it is what it is!

The grounds are beautiful and it is at the end of of a dead end street, which is perfect for the kids to play safely. The coqui frogs sing to us all night and it rains a few times a day for small intervals with sunshine in-between. We call them “charlie brown rain” because it is like someone turns on the tap for 5 minutes, and just as quickly it turns right off.


Island Life

Right Turn Yield to Left Turn

This concept is really bazaar. Let me try to explain. In Hawai’i, when you are going to take a right hand turn at a place with no traffic lights, you must yield to oncoming traffic turning left (same direction that you are trying to go by turning right). It sounds awkward and it is awkward when practiced. I have found myself hesitating as the left turning vehicle, because I’m not sure if the driver turning right is a local who will yield or a visitor driving a rental car who has never heard of this crazy rule and might collide with my vehicle.

Water Quality

There is a research center in Hilo that provides supplies to test the water in your catchment tank for different things, one of which to test for is human bacteria (from fecal matter). It would be wise to know if such horrible things were in your drinking water. For just $5 you can grab a set of tests to take home.

My husband stopped by this past week for a test kit, to test the drinking water in the catchment tank at the property we are renting. The lady at the desk was so thrilled that he had come for a test kit, she gave him several kits. “No one has stopped by for one of these tests in a long time!” she explained. “In fact, I think the last time someone inquired was about two years ago.” Two years ago?! Yes the rain water is some of the purest rain water around and yes, it is mostly free of chemicals, but really?! Catchment tanks are great but they are not pure and perfect. That water running off the roof into the tank carries bird poop and who knows what else with it, which sits in a tank with sometimes scum in it. Filters are employed and it is highly recommended that a UV filter be employed as well. My goodness, the water is free, but don’t you want to know that it IS clean and safe for drinking?



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